Rude Boy ! Any Good?

hi all,

So i brought a Rudeboy vibrator (prosatate massarger) from LH, first time for me and all that. And i just wondered whether anyone else has got one, and how good it is for them?

Im not sure whether i get it in the right place or what, cus it dosent seem to do anything for me. Is it a case of when its in the right place then ill know it is, and ill feel it?

Cheers !!

Might depend what you are used to Mr. T !!!


Hi MrT, I can't exactly help but would believe that these things generally take time and practice to find what works best for you. I hope you figure it out soon!

I have to be in a certain position for anal to hit the prostate... id just keep trying slightly different positions...

PS, be good to know how you get on as I'd like to try the rude boy myself...

ok. Sorry to say this as you've already bought one but the Rudeboy was the biggest let down in our sexy toy drawer. I know where i'maiming for and it just fails to deliver anything other than an "ok" prostate massage. The bullet has so much power yet precious little vibrations are actually transmitted to the end of the vibrator despite what the guy in the video says. Good luck.