Ruined orgasms

I love being edged and teased to the point of where I cannot control myself and spunk without being touched. Orgasms feel much more intense for me but I know that everybody is different so wondered if anyone else is like me out there?

I get the same intense explosive orgasms when edged for a while.

Couldn’t agree more, love getting to the point where I can orgasm without touching and then leave it for a bit and go again.


Sometimes when I'm edged for a while I cannot come at all.

No idea why and it's still very enjoyable but ultimately frustrating.

If I get to the point and not over, not only can I not cum (easily) in the same session, I also lose my erection (as if I had cum) and then it may be a day or 3 before I can actually cum. If it happens, it usually takes a fairly vigourous hand job to get me to orgasm and I have to work my breathing for it.

Yes I agree the feeling you get is alot more intense especially at a start of a new relationship where you are so turned on you can't stop yourself, for me you can really feel every pump every squirt, definitely a stronger orgasm. I especially love it when I cum fully clothed. It's mixed with a feeling that you shouldn't of cum in your underwear.

Because of the intense feeling of cuming clothed I got myself a wand to run over my jeans crotch area, that's one of my favourite ways to masturbate and to cum. Yea it's messy and the clean up takes longer but the feeling of the orgasm is worth it.