Saucy Saturday Night, tips?

My boyfriend and I will not have had sex for almost, if not more than, 2 weeks when I see him on saturday night. We haven't seen eachother since last thursday(??) and I'm planning on making it a big night, since it's his birthday on sunday.

(Plus we'll see the girl I think he secretly like on the sunday. I need to give him a night to remember.. Just so I'm confident! :P)

I've recently taken on the persona of "Mistress Noir" a saucy, hot, sex goddess who keeps her men in line and gets as much pleasure out of it as possible. ^_^

I just need some tips on what to do. I've already got some ideas, the BF does this hot accent and calls me 'boss' and I want to make an RP out of that.

I'm going to tie him up initially, but I'm using japanese bondage rope and was wondering if there was a good way to tie his wrists and ankles, perhaps putting the rope under the mattress?

He also keeps asking for a 'special' blowjob for his birthday, so I'm thinking of taking some ice and warm water or something, some mints too. The ice should come in handy when I'm 'punishing' him too. Mwahaha!

My main worry is dialogue. I'm awful at coming up with things quick, but I need to keep calm and smooth. What sounds good and what sounds plain tacky?

Any other ideas of what I could do? I got some of those 52 weeks of naughty nights, but I might save them for later on.

I've got flavoured lube, blindfolds (though his nose makes them slip off...) and other bits and pieces. Small vibrators, lots of lube etc etc. Are there any easily accessible things I can buy from the local supermarket to have fun with?

So, ideas!

Thanks in advance.