Second return of a faulty item. any experience?

I hate to say it, but my second Pin Ups bullet is just turning faulty. After 14 days. The first one already arrived with the problem of switching on only when the cap was not screwed on tightly and stopped working completely almost immediately, and this one just stopped working after screwing the cap back on tightly, I have to leave a bit "gap".

I am about to contact the customer service again and I have to say I am nervous as this is the second time I am sending them message on faulty item. And I am feeling sort of... bad. I am also considering what to do. Any experience with exchanging one item for another? in terms of the price range?

I'm not too sure about exchanging one item for another, but Lovehoney has a great customer service and if the product is faulty then i'm sure they'll be happy to send out a new one for you. I'm sure you're not the only customer who has had problems with the same product twice so there's nothing to worry about!

I would say to talk to someone on the live chat to see if exchanging you're current item for another is feesible :)

I have sent message to the customer care. I do love the vibrator, but it is doing the same thing again and really soon after arrival and I have to admit I am pottentially considering money return and trying the new Mia, when it arrives. But undecided yet.

I think you've just been very unlucky, my pin-ups works great and I haven't heard of other people having problems. But if you do decide you want something else then you can either ask for a refund (I did this once before) or just explain you want to exchange it and (I think) they'd just dedcut the cost of the pin-ups from the Mia and then send you an invoice for the remaining cost.

It may be, but second faulty item in 14 days is sort of lessening my will to try a new one, although I bet there are lot of people who are using theirs without any problem and I think it is a great vibrator (apart from the faults of mine) - I loved using it. I included in the mail to the customer service I am considering the options and I may take a day or 2 to think about what I would like to do before sending in the return form and sending the item back. From previous return I know they are great at it. Just wondered if anyone has experience with exchanging items.

Last post got eaten, so shorter version:

One of the dildos we got had a tear, and the replacement was even worse, but we chatted to them on Live Chat and they looked into if there were other reports, and even nabbed one from the warehouse to see if it looked like all of the batch were dodgy rather than just us having bad luck. Third one we got was perfect, so there's nothing to say you weren't just unlucky with getting two dodgy ones and will be fine next time around.

Do ping them on chat, they're lovely and can offer a lot more reassurance and investigation than your average shop person. :)

Yep I've exchanged items before. Was painless. Ordered one thing, terrible fit so changed it for something else.

Lh were great about it, sorted it all out very quickly and no problems.

This is the abridged version by the way - I did type a longer one but lost it!!

I have had the same item faulty twice and an exchange/refund was easily arranged,don't feel bad just ask...

We've even exchanged a prize.

Lh are fantastic! Whoop!

Unfortunately, a bad batch of product tends to make it likely that a quick replacement of a faulty one gets you another faulty one! It's likely this happens a lot, and you really need to tell someone (so they can check the batch and their supplier!).

In the end, you still have a faulty product. You have every right to exchange it as per their policy, so don't feel bad for a second!

PS Kudos to Genie, Little Kitty and WandA for correct capitalisation! You guys rock!

I have never returned a faulty product yet. I should really return my newest rabbit, as the battery compartment was broken so I can't use it... But It is a huge hassle for me to post things back so I haven't got round to it yet.

Anyway, generally, if I order something that turns out completely different to what I expected, or lingerie that doesn't fit, etc... I just apply for a refund and order myself something else for the same value. Never bothered with item exchanges. But I'm positive they'll be nice n simple. This is Lh we're talking about after all!

Thanks guys. I have contacted the customer service and I will see what we come up with. I have 2 vibrators and 2 vibrating cock rings and this is the first time ever when I am having such problems. So I don´t think its me if some vibrators survived for months and I did not do anything strange with the Pin Ups apart from using it a lot, which should still not cause this problem!

Booties: I would send it back, if you are in UK the postage is free and they are great about it (been there week and half ago with the first Pin Ups *sigh*)

WandA wrote:

We've even exchanged a prize.

Lh are fantastic! Whoop!

Really? how much above the original did you go?

Mr Monster wrote:

Unfortunately, a bad batch of product tends to make it likely that a quick replacement of a faulty one gets you another faulty one! It's likely this happens a lot, and you really need to tell someone (so they can check the batch and their supplier!).

It is possible. I know some people recently had problems with th DBO range and one had the same problem as me - second item also came faulty. So it may be that. I am just feeling bad as if I was doing something wrong and damaging it. Which I don´t think I did

Hi Laveila

I'm really sorry your second Pin Ups is not working-frustrating I'm sure!! Please don't feel bad about returning anything-it's us who feel bad about it!!

Give us a call on 0800 9156635 and ask for me (Matt) so I can sort this out for you.

I have had a look at the Pin Ups sales and it does look like you have been a bit unlucky-this one is a really reliable product. I am going to get a batch tested though, just to make sure!

It's worth having a look at our returns policy again at It really is a 365 no quibble guarantee!

Waiting for your call!!


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