Self spanking

Morning all, need to give myself a self spanking on monday as well overdue. I am a single man who lives at home so monday is the only day. In the past i have used my hand and the wooden spoon along with a dose of the belt. I have done self spank over wet boxers before which hurt lol.

Would like to know if anyone has any tips to make it more interesting

Thanks in advance


I randomly did it to myself the other day. I was watching porn. Had a good butt plug in. Was playing with my nipples and thought sod it I’ll try smacking the hell out of my butt.

Some seriously loud claps and slaps. Didn’t actually hurt that much but was quite good fun.

My wife isn’t into spanking. Sometimes doggy I’ll give her ass a few gentle slaps and grabs.

She sometimes does some gentle ones to me. My hands were OK but might try other things then I used a good vibrating stroker to finish me off.


Hi ppl

In another forum I write spanking fiction - just do a search for my name but I was going to suggest a couple of things - I have been with my partner who I met on a well known website and I have played for 18 years now.

Have you to thought about trying a riding crop - can be bought at Decathlon - not expensive. Also what about a wooden ruler, get a old fashioned one, it will be less likely to break, in this regard more expensive is probably better. I have a 15 inch ruler which gives a different sensation to a metre rule like we used in school for science lessons.

Metre rule much more thuddy
Old fashioned wooden ruler more stingy.

Riding crop dependent on the size of the leather tip - smaller more stingy - can be more or less stingy. Word of warning - Don’t use the shaft of the riding crop as a cane, it Is often made of inflexible material, sometimes even steel, and will bruise you badly, sometimes taking weeks sometimes even a month or 2 for the bruising to fully disappear.

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Might have to try the ruler, I live at home so riding crop maybe not a good idea (nosey parents lol)… was going to try wooden spoon again soon

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Doesn’t feel right when i do it to myself. But i do like slapping my penis against my stomach or hand or the edge of my desk if that’s where i am.

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I just tried self spanking yesterday after reading some stories/punishments. Reading didn’t leave anything to the imagination. I imagined myself being various girls and being spanked. I used my hand, then spatula, then hairbrush and after more reading/spanking this morning I was absolutely soaking. I had no idea it could be so much of a turn on. It didn’t even feel weird though I thought it would. I’m loving finding new topics and exploring my mind and body. It’s like I have a new lease of life. Thank you LH for this mind-blowing community section :heart:


Thanks for sharing your experience @Amunique . I’d love to be spanked but my OH isn’t interested. I thought about self spanking but decided it would feel a bit weird. Now that you’ve said that it doesn’t feel weird, i’m going to give it a go next time i have the house to myself!


You have nothing to lose @Kitty-Cat01 . Your OH might even enjoy seeing your wee red cheeks when they get home. Good luck, hope you enjoy it as much as me


I’m haven’t got really into it so far but have enjoyed two or three experiments. The easiest was with a truncheon shaped vaginal probe connected to a TENS machine which only needed the lightest touch to deliver a shock through the two metal rings going round it. It doesn’t leave any marks either. I found this most exciting standing with my pants pulled down and looking back over my shoulder at a mirror. :bum2:

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Glad you are enjoying the topic… I am due once I get back from my hols so that will be a good one lol… my ultimate fantasy is to be spanked by a lady

Will update on the self spanking once done


Had a mild self spanking session the other day so had reddened cheeks for a while which felt good, started off with hand spanking over boxers then boxers came down and straight on the bare, had a go with the belt but did not get the required swing

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