Self spanking

Morning all, need to give myself a self spanking on monday as well overdue. I am a single man who lives at home so monday is the only day. In the past i have used my hand and the wooden spoon along with a dose of the belt. I have done self spank over wet boxers before which hurt lol.

Would like to know if anyone has any tips to make it more interesting

Thanks in advance


I randomly did it to myself the other day. I was watching porn. Had a good butt plug in. Was playing with my nipples and thought sod it I’ll try smacking the hell out of my butt.

Some seriously loud claps and slaps. Didn’t actually hurt that much but was quite good fun.

My wife isn’t into spanking. Sometimes doggy I’ll give her ass a few gentle slaps and grabs.

She sometimes does some gentle ones to me. My hands were OK but might try other things then I used a good vibrating stroker to finish me off.