Sensitive nipple trouble.

I have extremely sensitive nipples and not in a good way. Having them touched is like the worst tickling feeling and I find it a major turn off and very unpleasant. Only when I am very turned on can I actually enjoy them being touched but even thats not a guarantee.

Sadly it means my OH misses out on a lot of fun, he really loves my breasts and nipples and very much enjoys kissing, sucking them etc and I would like to be able to let him enjoy that more often. At the moment he is lucky if he is able to suck my nipples more than a couple of times a year maybe. He is very respectful of my problem and never touches them (on purpose) without permission but I get very nervous and scared anytime he is near them such as when cuddling, just because the feeling is so horrible.

So, any suggestions on things I can do to de-sensitise them?

My partner is the same, haven’t found anyway round it, will watch with interest.

You used to be able to get an numbing spray for breastfeeding women from chemists alot of people used it after piercings. Might this help

Are you natural or augmented?

I am a guy and I also get this problem when my Wife uses the wrong type of laundry detergent.

Also this happens when she overloads the wash machine even when using the detergent I can tolerate.

Our Washmachine when over loaded tends not to rinse the soap out good enough.

I would try reducing you laundry load size and experiment with different detergents.

We also had a problem where our wash machine a brand that starts with a S and ends with a G

would run its cycle and start to spin then stop.

Our machine had bad drum support rods and springs, which was taken care of as part of a recall.

My Nips have been pain free for over a year now.

Was going to suggest something similar to SD.

On the opposite side of the fence I had very sensitive nipples and couldn't have them played with but now I am older, sensitivity had decreased and they are happy to be played with.

I'm the opposite Let's trade.

I was the same but not to that degree, Cutes... after having 3 babies (at different times!) and breast feeding them all till they were around 4 years old my sensitivity has lessend very much.

As a man I have very sensative nipples and a very sure way to give me an erection, only trouble is people know about it and give me stick every time we meet. Some ladies think they can unscrew them and try to.

Well I know it has nothing to do with our laundry products. Breastfeeding children isn't an option either. I'll look into numbing sprays but was hoping for something natural as I would really love to be able to let OH enjoy my nipples fully.