Sex after babys

Title says it all really. First of all hello everyone we are new to the forum community but are long time customers to LH we love the stock and our responsible for introducing us to wingman condoms now they are the only ones we buy. Anyway going off topic my question is "is it just us or has anyone else seemed to lose there sex drive after there first child?" If so did it return?

First of all, hello and welcome to the forums! Secondly, no its not just you sweetheart I think it happens to all of us.

A tiny person has popped out of your hoo ha or been delivered through a nice big incision across the belly. You need time to recover physically which they say is 6-8 weeks but in reality can be so much longer. It was a while before I felt like my insides weren't going to fall out when I sneezed! Then there's the bleeding to contend with as granny pants and maternity pads feel far from sexy! Once you are physically ready there's even longer to be emotionally ready.

This little creature demands your attention all day and all night causing both mum and dad to be exhausted. There's no time just to cuddle as you know in only a few moments the cries will start and feeding begins. Plus you cant forget those baby blues! They take over your bedroom and you don't really want to do anything as what if they wake up? Even in their own room you worry and you can slowly begin to forget sex even exists even though that's what created this miracle!

Our sex life took a dive for a good few months but we slowly got it back with "date night". We would put aside a night and have dinner together once the little one was sleeping. We would cuddle and just be together. My husband was ready before I was that's for sure! Stay romantic, be intimate, sex soon follows.

Honestly it was a year for us to get our sex life back to where it was then I fell pregnant again. It didn't take as long for the first time with our second but I lost interest in sex for a long time. Now our sex life is the best it has been even though it has been 8 years since that first baby.

My advice is don't rush it. Don't worry we all have dips 😘

I had my baby naturally almost 9 months ago and I would say I'm only just starting to get my old sex drive back! I'm breastfeeding too which often causes a dip in libido, and have had recovery issues. Factor in an extremely demanding baby who throws temper tantrums and screams all day - it's no wonder it's taken me so long!

Give yourself some time. I know that in your mind you're probably eager to get back to the way things were and it feels like you never will, but you've had such a huge change in your life and it does take a while. Not to mention the hormonal side of things and exhaustion. It does come back though :)

From experience and those I've spoken to, things generally start back on track after around a year.

It took around 2-3 months for my body to recover. But I was tired all the time up until my little one was about 9 months as he wouldn't sleep without me and had colic up till 6months.

Even now it's hard as finding a child minder is very difficult. And with careers and other health issues, really there's not a lot of time.

welcome to the form. I am man but I would have to agree with all comments on here. It takes time to get back into sex drive and also other factors come in play also. Depends on what type of birth if normal or cistern. Also to consider is that breast feeding and other mother duties tend to take over duties take over. Its hard to find time for sex after a baby and also to get back sex drive will take time due to your body getting back to normal routine after delivery. I hope your baby doing well and wish all the best in raising him or her.

Thank you and she is a girl and now just over a year old

Thank you all for the replays it's nice to know I am not alone and it is perfectly normal. Any advice on help us reignite our sex life. It has now been over a year since we were last Intermit.

Thank you all for the replays it's nice to know I am not alone and it is perfectly normal. Any advice on help us reignite our sex life. It has now been over a year since we were last Intermit.

To me this about more than just the physical recovery from child birth is also very mental. When I am in "mommmy mode" I am not in a sex mindset at all. So if you are struggling with this too you are not alone. Instead work to carve out couple time, date nights or even "kid free" zones in your house such as the master bedroom so you can get in a mindset for sexual intimacy.

Won't lie a woman who has been through pregnancy is the nicest to eat out ever. Does something that can't be explained.