Sex and summer camp.. first naked girl seen and a little more.

Dose anyone have a cool camp story about sex or orgasms? you wont read about real sex. just growing up stuff that is sexual.

I went to a ( all boys) summer camp up north from the age of 7 to 17. 1 month of my summer went there. 4 weeks. camp changed the year i started to masturbate and have orgasms. I did not want to do it in the cabin with the rest of the boys- even at night time. there was about 14 of us in one cabin and getting caught was not an option. what I figured out was i could go off into the woods behind our cabin at certain times of the day or at night. night time was tricky but it could be done. you left the cabin if you had to go to the bathroom. so i would just leave to go and do my thing ( pee in the woods if i had to) and come back. I did not do it often and mostly only when a good moon was out so i could see without having to have a flashlight on and give me self away. there is nothing like a hot summer, outside and naked masturbating. it always made me cum pretty hard. in my last 4 years of the camp I got a found good friend and we were talking and somehow ( I don't remember how) we talked about masturbation and we both admitted that we did it. I told him about my spot and he said he liked that because he had one but it was super risky of getting caught. my spot was real safe and no one went out that way. well at one point you guessed it - i walked out and there he was. i said hi and he just said join me and I did. WE DID NOT touch each other or anything like that, but we did love to watch each other when we came. It was all very new and we were not shy about it with each other. 17 was my last year to be at the camp i was sad because i never saw him again. he was from the next state over from ours and i lost his info that he gave me. i put it in my pocket and mom washed my jeans and the paper just turned into little bits all over the place. i was hoping he would have done the adult Jr.s hiking club but he did not.

when i was 14 the only girls at the camp was the nurse and horse cooks , swimming and tennis councilors- the swimming leader was a hot girl. no more then 27 at least. an older woman in my book. they were all talking about going down the lower camp called " family camp" it was 400 yards down from the main camp from us and normally held the family of those at out camp if they had any. there was only 10 cabins so it was a very small place , basically just a living area. dry sauna and small swim area. we there is a path from our camp to family camp along the edge of the lake. well knowing they were going to be there said they were going to be naked. naked girls who could resist that? so me and my friend snuck out and went down after lights out. we went down and as we had been down there before to use the sauna( each cabin got to use it one time every 2 weeks during camp) so we knew where to stay in the dark and not be seen. well there they were. it was the first time i had ever seen naked girls like live in person. there was all the older college councilors. .oh man it was like the best thing i had ever seen- we both looked on and we masturbated right then and there. for me the hot one was the nurse megan. she had the perfect playboy body( for me anyway ) -we watched as they went into the lake and into the sauna. there was one light there and when she came out of the water.. OH MAN HOT CITY. i had a crush on megan. she had the best body and boobs that were perfect..( 14 year olds care about that) we came super fast. like with in 2 min. we did it again a short while later and we went back talking about what we saw. i never looked at her the same. but we never told any one and was the only time we ever went down there again at night.. we knew we would get into trouble if it got around what we did so we kept it just between us. some boys cant keep anything quite.

just a week later i got all backed up and i was in so much pain i could not walk. nurse megan happened to be on call. only 2 nurses there on call anyway. 50/50 chance. she called it in to the local hospital after checking me over and they said give me an enema and let them know. so she had to give me a enema. so as i was on the table not feeling well she took down swim suit. at the time i only had on a speedo because it happened during free swim, i was on a swim team so all i had was speedo's. basically she took it off and i was there naked. Of corse i did not care real pain overrides modesty . then she got out the red bag and tube and let the flow of soapy water go into me holding it so it would not come out. she did something with my tummy as she got the warm water all in there she rubbed my tummy with her fingers.. softy moving the water inside of me. then rolled me back over on my side and put a towel over me and said she would be back. after a min she came back and she rubbed my bottom and back trying to make me feel better she slowly rocked me back and forth. keeping the water inside me moving. I was in fact a hurting unit. side craps and i was almost crying... after i went to the bathroom ( and she had to help me) she gave me another one with liquid soap this time well the blockage finally moved and boy after i got done with all that i felt so much better. only after did i realize. " she touched my bottom and saw me naked." i dont know if should have been embarrassed or not. i mean she was the first girl to see me naked other then mom or my doctor. but when the guys found out i was like a little hero. LOL saying wow she saw ya naked. wow lucky boy.

thats the only 2 camp stories i have to tell. as not much else ever happened sexually.
i hope other have had similar experience or ever better ones...

TYPO: sorry house cooks or dinning hall staff. >> not horse cooks. LOL sorry.