Sex blog ideas

Hi guys! I'm thinking about starting a sex blog. I've been wanting to do this for a while but now I'm settled in a relationship, constantly trying new things and toys, I feel now is the time to start.

So far I have decided that the blog will consist of toy reviews and I will also talk about new positions or games me and my partner have discovered or tried.

Can you give me any ideas about what you would like to read about or be interested in reading?

I'm also looking for a name for the blog if anyone has any ideas!

Look forward to hearing from some suggestions,

Meg xx

Maybe research by reading other people's blogs. Personally I'd find it difficult To suggest a name without knowing more about you. Your name here is bumblebee so maybe something to do with the birds and the bees?

I agree with SS. A lot of people on here write blogs. You should check out the Lovehoney Bloggers thread and read some of their blogs

Ah I was thinking of a name along the bumblebee route too, but I think it might be taken! I was thinking along the lines of, well bees produce honey.. what kinda honey? Lovehoney! Oh.

So Sum Sub might be onto something with the birds and the bees route if you're keeping it Bumblebee orientated.

As for what I'd like to read, I guess I like structure so reoccuring features like 'Position of the week' where you might try and review a new position each week. Maybe you can look into discovering a new sex act fairly often, detailing what happens in said act.. and if you're bold enough to try it you can say if you reccomend it to others!

I understand that there are a lot of blogs out there. Since 50 Shades of Gray the eroticing writing scene has just exploded. However, I am doing this more for myself, I'm not going to write to be the best out there. I want to use it more as a sexual journal that I can strive from and others can learn from and enjoy.

I'm liking the idea of the birds and the bees, I can run with that! As it's all about finding new things and learning!

Position of the week was an idea of mine! I really like that. People can suggest positions for me to try too and I can rate them! I'm open to trying new sex acts all the time, so that could feature every now and then. I was also thinking about book and film reviews? I'm just about to embark on reading The Diary of a Secret Call Girl.

If you're doing this for yourself why are you asking other people what they want to see? Surely it doesn't matter, you can just write whatever you want.

About the name - it will take a while but try to think of it yourself. It took me weeks to think of a name for my blog, but it's your blog so it's going to be so much more satisfying if you do it yourself.

Yeah reviews are a good idea seeing that erotic fiction seems to of exploded in popularity, definitely an audience for reviews.

For getting your readers involved, at the end of a position review you could include a vote for the next weeks for the sense of involvement and creating the motivation for them to read the next one!

I think it's just a fun place to be able to write down sexual experiences for people other than my partner to read and hear about.

Have a look at what existing bloggers do LH forum members already do this just to give you hints tips and see where you think the gap in the market is or give you ideas for what you want to do -

kinkyfuckery is right - how will your blog be different to the 1000 others? what will you offer that's different? in writing it's often a good idea to start with what you know about, so ask - what's your speciality?

in short, i think a blog in detail about one aspect will be much more interesting than something general.

if toys - vibes, anal toys, bondage gear? etc. pick one.

if positions, the more detailed the better.

i look forward to reading it.