Sex blog ?

Hi everyone I have really wanted to start a blog discussing sexuality and sex toys and other topics. Has anyone on here done this ? Or got any advice on where to start, hints and tips or any information that could give me insight to blogging in the future. I would love to test out toys and give reviews and just talk about all similar topics am really interested in it. My dream job would be designing a sex toy or even working in the industry I know this might just be a pipe dream. But I would love to blog just for a hobby in my spare time

Although I don't specifically blog about sex toys/sexuality, I've been a writer for an independent start-up company within the sex toy industry for a while now. I think the most important thing is to have a clear goal in mind - try to narrow down your focus to one key area. If you can't summarise the idea of your blog in a sentence, it's probably too complicated!

Your writing style really makes a difference also. Make sure you always spell check, grammar check and proof read at least a few times. For anything I write, I recommend writing a draft, waiting 24 hours, and looking over it again. You'll probably pick up on a load of mistakes you just didn't notice the first time round.

Other than that, good luck! :)

There are quite a few blogists here on the forums.
We have a thread for blog posts...
If you Google "how to start a sex blog' you'll find many many helpful blog posts.

Will definitely be following this topic... would love to see some good advice. And thanks SumSub for the link - going to go and look at that thread now! :-)

We started a blog a few months ago, with a possibly slightly naive "build it and they will come" (Field of Dreams!) philosophy. But in reality, I think it's very hard for a new blog to get noticed. As an example, we recently wrote about a Lovehoney sexy schoolgirl outfit. But try Googling for reviews of schoolgirl outfits. You might eventually find our blog if you're willing to scroll through about three million pages of search results!

We'd love to see if anyone has any tips about that sort of thing...

But to end on a positive note, as a couple, one of the things we love is taking saucy photos, and our blog is turning out to be a fantastic outlet for that! So one tip would be to make sure you're focussing on something you're truly passionate about, and just enjoy it.

Are we allowed to mention our name? You can probably guess: ;-)


Thank you everyone who replied :)