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Myself and partner and going on holiday for a few days at the beginning of May, abroad. We are planning one evening to go to a sex club out there…neither of us has ever been to one before.

I am crazy nervous - not about the club itself but more me, what do I wear etc I am really not body confident and have a tummy and really insecure about it. Any one have any advice or been before and can shed some light? We haven’t discussed boundaries yet I am 99.9% sure we will both be on the same page with not sharing and only playing with each other


I think it depends on the venue. Is this a private invite-only thing, or a come-as-you-are-just-walk-in sort of thing? Male/female, male/male, female/female, or everything?

When GF and I were first together and she was trying to break me out of my shell, she took me to a private female-only place. Obviously we didn’t share or play with anybody else. She was just trying to show me that girls apparently like to watch somebody with a body like mine. Those who were present were almost entirely young, good-looking, and relatively fit. A couple of “cougars” in the mix. I felt weird, especially in the beginning, like I didn’t fit at all. But I guess that was just my feeling rather than reality.

I’d guess you won’t really know until you go?

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Check the clubs website for a dress code, it’s probably going to be what you’d wear on a night out, for the social areas and then lingerie/nudity for the play areas but the website will keep you right. Check if they have dressing rooms and lockers for you to leave your clothes, keys etc.

I’d more recommend that you discuss your boundaries bc thats going to dictate whether or not you actually both still want to go. Get the big one out of the way at least, are you going with the intentions of having sex with other people? If you are, what if only one of you find someone to have sex with, what if one enjoys the sex more than the other? I’m not asking for you to answer here, but to think about and discuss with your partner.


I’d love to experience a club with my wife … just to soak up the atmosphere. Don’t think we have any in NI so something I’d like to try when away on a city break in Europe. On my bucket list…, so maybe someday.

Thanks everyone, I have had a good search through the website. We have been clear now on the boundaries we are not going to have sex with other people more to watch others and be in that atmosphere and play with each other.

I’ve ordered lingerie which I can “dress over” but be easily removable if the vibe goes that way.

Me and my partner are on the bigger size and my insecurity is, there will be people slimmer, prettier, big boobs nice bums etc, he will find them more attractive etc need to get past this as I know I’m overthinking in my head. If I can feel good going out I’m sure il be fine


Wear something nice but also what you feel comfortable in :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please don’t overthinking this, just bc someone is slimmer, has big boobs and a nice bum, doesn’t mean they’re pretty or attractive. I’m a size 22, doesn’t matter, I’m still sexy.

I would have this conversation with your partner to let him know that you need this reassurance, he could be thinking the same way as you too so it may be a good chat to reassure you both.

You’re both going to be looking about you in the club, so you need to know that although he’s looking, he’s not wishing he was with another woman. Why would he, when he’s there loving life with you!

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Excuse my ignorance, but where are there sex clubs??

They’re dotted about the UK and other countries. I’m sure if you Google your area, you’ll find some.

@jjlrunn they are all over the country, you can try searching online. We are heading to Tenerife and my other half has been to Tenerife 30+ times so knows about it. There is one near me where I live too

I’m going to Google now!!! Lol @Bedazzled9550

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Me and the wife have started going to a sex club, we have been 5 times this year after never doing anything like it before. We only have sex with each other but we really enjoy being in that atmosphere and having sex next to other people also having sex. The club we go to has theme nights and nights when its just couples and single ladies.

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