Sex game recommendations

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a new sex game to play with my partner. He can be a little shy but I know he's curious to try out new things. We've been playing Nookie and Manogomy and they've been great but I'd love to step things up a bit. He's loving a bit of bondage and gets a real kick out of spanking me so anything along those lines might be an idea.

Any recommendations? is a good one for that kind of thing.

We have had some brilliant nights with this
some of the ones are a bit weird but we skip these and sometimes we go back to them. It has also opened up many new experiences

We have a board game we bought on-line years ago called "Dare Devil" which we use at parties occasionally. It can be played by any number from two to twelve. Basically you move counters around a board after throwing dice, and as you pass various squares you have to remove an item of clothing - rather than only doing so when you land on a 'remove clothing' square. This has the effect of getting everyone nude quite quickly.

There are various sexual tasks to be perfomed, the softer ones are on the board squares itself and there are harder dare cards to be drawn if you land on a 'dare' square. You select who to do it with by spinning a pointer. If the pointer selects a same-sex person and you don't want same sex activity, you either do the dare with the person's partner or spin again. There's no compulsion however and if you want to do your dare with somebody else that's fine. But most people usually play along, it gets the party going.

The dares have to be done in front of all the players. There are three levels of dare cards and the game start with the softer dare pack (things such as kissing and touching) and works up through the second level (use of toys, etc) to the most sexual dare pack (things such as oral and full penetrative sex) but when it gets to a couple getting the full sex card, the game usually breaks up and everyone pairs off to the bedrooms.

We like it because it causes a lot of amusement and gets people who may be complete strangers into the mood for swinging. It's certainly very erotic and two people could have a lot of fun playing.

Get truth or dare app for your phone. About £8 but pretty good.