Sex Holiday/Dirty weekends!

Ok folks, this is a research question:-

Where is the best place to go for a no-holds barred dirty weekend?

Yes i know we'll probably spend most of it in bed, but I'd rather like the entire weekend to revolve around sex!

Any suggestions/idea/stories?

Hire a cottage in Robin Hoods Bay (near Whitby, West Yorkshire).

Nice, quiet village, no interuptions in a hotel and lots nice pubs for when the shagging gets too much!

Bath is absolutely gorgeous - loads to see and do, the shops are great, and there's plenty of good places to eat and drink. Assuming you ever get out of bed!

Amsterdam, or is that too obvious - Paris for the sheer romance.

Just come back from Amsterdam- no it ain't too obvious! lol

I am going away for the weekend to Dublin, this weekend, i will let you know how i get on, flights only £20 each total from LBA,

If its just for an in bed weekend then as long as the surounding is nice it doesnt matter where you are

welll im on the younger side and magaluf was the best place for me....if your into partying and sex!...(on the beach)

I'm taking my gf to Budapest for a romantic break in June.

I hear it's a beautiful city, so we're checking into a nice hotel and making the most of it.

How about somewhere in the Peak/Lake District? If the weather is nice then you can disappear somewhere secluded and indulge in some outdoor sex. Plus exercise tends to make you horny, so you can have a nice walk, have sex on top of a fell or something, then back to your hotel for a nice shower. You could pick somewhere that has a sauna in the hotel... now that's kinky ;)

Well, Mr M has let slip that we're off away for the weekend of my birthday. It sounds like it might be a spa weekend but I'm going to pack a separate bag with our sexs toys, porn etc and hey! sod the gym, I'm off for a shag !

me and my bf just went to amsterdam and it was amazing! some of the best sex ive ever had just because sx was saw nakedness before breakfast! lol we were right next to the red light district and used to walk up and down there. we used to say we'd love to fuck in one of the windows and for everyone going past to be able to see us..its so easy to get horny there. one night i dressed up for my boyfriend and we pretended i was a girl he'd hired for the night, he said it was the naughtiest he'd ever felt lol I know a couple of good restaurants there too if you're interested :D i fully recommend the moulin rouge..the girls were hot (or at least looked it under the lights) and you'll never look at a candle the same way!

Try this - - I can reccomend it for something that bit different

Wow Flirtybabe- you and I are on the same page here! A total fuckfest please!

Phocus- This looks like a great place to stay, I particulary fancy one of the rooms with the private outdoor hot tub- I can think of all sorts of things we could get up to in there!

My partner and I have stayed in a fabulous converted Dovecote located deep in the Oxfordshire countryside, that proved the perfect hideaway for a 'no-holds barred dirty weekend'.

Once the owner has handed over they keys, you can seal yourself in and enjoy complete privacy for the whole of your stay. With no windows at ground level and thick brick walls to muffle even the noisiest of orgasms, its perfect.

Set on three levels, you will find everything you need to hand.

Ground floor has the fully stocked kitchen, dining table, seating area, audio-visial equipment and, more importantly a number of vertical and wooden beams just perfect for a bit of light bondage ;-).

The first floor mezzanine level houses the bathroom with a large double shower with seats that were just great for getting dirty on whilst showering ourselves clean. There is no bath but to compensate there is a sauna that is plenty big enough for two.

The second floor, high in the eaves of the building, holds a good size double bed - if you make it that far before passion takes over.

With a bit of pre-planning you need not leave the building for the whole weekend. Pack plenty of food, wine and your very favourite sex toys and you'll have the most memorable of times - we certainly did. Take dozens of tea-lights candles - there are literally hundreds of places to put them and it really sets the mood.

Find out more at
It's not cheap but worth every penny!

Also, the Mr and Mrs Smith website ( is a directory of boutique and luxury hotels and is well worth a browse if you are looking to treat your Mr or Mrs Smith to a sexy weekend away. We've booked through it many times ;-)

that hotel looks amazing phocus! i think a definate trip there this year :D good find

Glad to be of assitance. Incidently, as its in the lake district, you dont have to walk to far before you find hundreds of places for outdoor persuits.... if you get my drift ;-)

hahaha very good point :D definately get your drift lol

well my pick gonna have to see when the king room is free .. heated floor here i come !!

its got to be the park plaza county hall for me and the mister!

got a free room upgrade when we went there and we didnt leave the room untill kicking out time the next day, it has a shower to die for! massive rainforst shower head with a smaller poewrfull shower head that you can take down and use ;-) and could easy fit 4 people into it, if u like that kinda stuff!

was the were we first had sex togther and were going back this year! :P woo lol