Sex in public.

Ski lift, Greek ferry car deck, swimming pool changing rooms. The list goes on and on. Love it!!

Well there were lots of bodies close by.......... In a graveyard! :-)

On a train. 20 minutes between stations.

I've given a blowjob in the back of cinema once (wasn't that busy though) And also years ago i worked for my dad in a burger van, my OH came down for the week so one day he had to be with me, i gave him a blowjob in the van when we were closing up.
Also had sex in a public toilet in a quiet park area.
And in back of a car behind a run down building. was fairly close to a main road and many other businesses that were still open.
In the woods near houses and a main road with my old 'FB'
Against my old 'FB' car in the moors.

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.................on the river bank, on the beach, on an island in view of the beach, in the sea, off piste behind a rock. Still love it!!!!!!

hmm.. a beach lol! xx

On the Great Wall of China!

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In a paddling pool in the garden

Up against a second floor hotel window, OH dressed in basque, stockings and suspenders. No knickers, full bush and me taking her from behind.

People on passing double decker buses had a good view. Hope we aren’t on anyone’s mobile, not that we cared at the time.


GF likes to mess with me in public. I’ve gotten used to it, and I can’t count how often she’s played with me in store parking lots. What amazes me is how most people don’t notice a lot of what’s going on around them. I swear I can cum a bucket’s worth totally in the open and likely be ignored.


I have done it in some risky places and i actually find that it is the best sex ever!! I get a kick out of doing it in public!! Myself and my OH have done it in the front of the car in public car parks, picnic tables with people walking past and have also given my OH oral in a packed elevator. I prefer sex in public as it is the kink of getting caught


Beach several times
Public pool twice
Underground apartment carpark several times
Ladies toilets cubicle once
Over the car bonnet in a layby once
Over a table inside the pub twice
Pub garden twice
Hotel balconies three times


At an Eminem consert while standing in the crowd, my partner at the time gave me a HJ.

Behind rocks while a kayak instructor was watching us

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On the hotel room balcony. It was a high rise amongst highrises and had a few spectators from other hotels.

We’ve had sex in the garden many times.

I like the idea of fucking in front of an audience. My wife is not so keen.

Bet you didn’t stop

In a car park, one Saturday afternoon in the Peak District (it was wet and getting towards dusk)

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