Sex log

Is it wrong to keep a sex log? Anybody else find the need to keep a log or is it just me. I note when we have sex, B Js when I use toys on my OH when I use toys I would be interested in your comments.

no, I don't think thats wrong. A lot of people post on the forum when they get some, in the "when did you last have sex" and "when did you last mastubate" threads. Personally, I take note of when I have sex, probably because a while back it was very infrequent and it almost to to a negative bragging situation to myself.

I don't keep track myself (being a newlywed, that would take too much time!) but I do get 'sex texts' from a best friend whenever he gets laid, so I guess that's his way of keeping a log!

Ive kept a log now for about two years, great fun to look back and remember.X

yeah why not a good bit of fun to look back on

I don't keep a log as such but I do mark down when I have sex on my android calendar especially designed for girl related things!

I have a blog/website called The Beautygazer Log....a yearly journal about my sexual side

It's a good idea, especially if you have a terrible memory like me!

Better not to complain about how rarely things happen if they happened only the other week....

Thanks fo the input guy's, but how about a doing a log to see if you give more than you revive

I keep track of when on my iphone x

once a month...there you go, log done!

I tend to write on my blog,

don't usually keep an exact date but I can usually remember the month.

Last time I had sex was on 19th nov 2010, can remember it as it's the day i had my contraceptive implant put in.

I don't personally but I don't see anything wrong with it as long as, noted above, it doesn't become obsessive :)

It can be quite suprising sometimes - when I feel I haven't been getting much I check and normally turns out I have!

I used to log all sexual encounters, but that was in the days when I had more fun.