Sex machine for her

What motorised fuck machine are you using? Anyone using one? Care to share about your machine information and user experience? My machine (costing £570) which has just turned 13 months broke down 5 days ago. Quotation received from UK (not LH) to service and repair is not worth the trouble. So looking for a new one for 2020 and needs recommendations.

We used to have a genuine Sxxxxn. Expensive and noisy but well built. No thrusting action though. The dildos rotates and there is powerful clitoral stimulation. Ultimately too intense for my wife. Depends what your lady favours though.

LH now has something very similar.

@Hey rockstar, Thanks. The product link in your post is a definitely my dream machine. I will buy this one when I visit London this October. But Im looking for one that has thrusting motion to replace my faulty one. One that is powerful and not so noisy to use.

We have the robofuk. I think it's great