Sex machines... time limit?!

Hi everyone this is my first post here so sorry if I'm not posting it in the right place.

Me and my SO have been together a while and tried quite a few things out there. Our newest acquisition is a sexmachine which is supposed to arrive any day now. My SO likes me to have control in bed (though ofc we use safewords etc) and I told him that when it arrived I'd say a time and that was how long he'd HAVE to take it (unless safeword). Problem is neither of us has ever played with one before and though we have played anal plenty of times never for long periods of times.

I know everyone is different but could anyone tell me a timerange of how long about we could use it on the lowest setting without it causing any harm? Ten minutes? Half an hour? An hour?

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share their expertice or just their best guess ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

That's going to depend entirely on him. Sex machines are a whole different ball game (I've reviewed a few for my blog). They feel different to 'normal' sex, because they're relentless and totally unforgiving. I'm an intermediate anal player, but penetration by a machine isn't the same. The dildo you use is a huge factor, I'm currently using a tapered vac-u-lock one for anal play. You will need LOTS more lube than you think, it disappears quickly with mechanical sex. If he can comfortably take the dildo, on the speed it's set at, he'll most likely be able to stay there until the lube dries up and it gets uncomfortable. Take it slowly, don't expect him to be able to take it fully, from the word go.
They're so much fun, you'll enjoy yourselves :-)

Ah yes we've already heard from a few people it's hard to compare which is why I have no idea of an estimated time. Neither of us into pain so when it hurts it's not any fun for us anymore, with out machine we're trying to aim for longer rather than harder but I'd feel stupid asking him to do 10 minutes if it's easy enough for a first timer to do 15 or more and reversly as well of course ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif) which is why I'm looking for a general ballpark as to know what to expect

Did you get your sex machine from lovehoney? I have been looking for a sex machine that is not super expensive but super power for vaginal play but maybe also anal, I would love to get the perfect sex machine!! Hope you enjoy it when it arrives!!xoxo

Silly question, but is your machine actually suitable for anal penetration? A lot of them aren't, particularly the lower price end ones. Would be important to clarify that before you begin, plus remember to use a condom if you're going to be sharing the attachment.

I'd go a few minutes at a time tbh, definitely nothing like half an hour. There's no need to stop once your mandatory time period is over after all. You could tell him it's going to be pounding him for 3 minutes, no buts (except safe word obv). Set a timer and when it goes off, tease him with something like 'oh you're enjoying this too much to stop now' and just continue 'indefinitely' (i.e. until he cums or has had enough).

It's also worth finding a properly comfortable position to use the machine in before implimenting any sort of time goals. This can take a few goes, so maybe just explore with it for a while and get to know how it all works with both of you before going for a full on session :)

Ah no, beautifulmyster69 we didn't buy it from here. The website we went to had different models for men and women and we chose it because it was recommended for us. We did pay over a thousand so that is probably too much but they are individually made to your specifications so it is an investiment we were both more than willing to make :D

How about bopth giving it a go, finding the best position and getting a judge of time and how much lube before you do any serious play with times implemented etc? That way you should be able to enjoy it more because it will be a bit more known to you :)