'Sex Nicknames'

So, in everyday life my OH will call me ‘gorgeous’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘queen’ … but during anything even slightly sexual he calls me his ‘dirty slut’ ‘filthy bitch’ ‘dirty girl’, you get the gist!

When he first started doing it I used to just phase them out but now it turns me on more when he calls me by a ‘sex nickname’ and spurs me on more to go harder/faster etc.

The only time he doesn’t use them is when we’re having a more romantic night in but 98% of the time it’s dirty and fun sex.

What do you think about ‘sex nicknames’ and what do you use/get called??

Well the boring hub calls me "babe" that's it!

My play mates call me "Minxy" or "My Naughty"..I adore both

I use nothing for my hub, he doesn't deserve a sexy name! My playmates, are " my baby""sexy man" or "sexy thing"

He generally just uses my first name but the bedroom is the only place he'll say it! I don't know why I find it so attractive, must be the way he says it

As my OH likes anal ,i call her spunky bum lol

My OH does not talk dirty at all, maybe why I'm so bad at it!! Even calls the sexy bits cute names haha

During sex I'm normally slut , whore wife , dirty girl, plaything ...but when I'm being submissive he calls me Kitten which I love ...when were being romantic its Baby , beautiful, his goddess x