Sex on top

Hi, so I am a plus size lady and I dread getting on top. I get no pleasure from it and although my other half cums, I do not believe he enjoys it either.

I am stuck... I honestly don’t know what to do.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hiya Abistar
If your not comfortable on top and you feel he isnt enjoying it as much then just let him go on top ? Everyone is different and there is no 'right' way so if you or him Dosent enjoy it then don't.But he is cumming so I'm preety sure your doing something right Hun. Maybe try some other positions ? From behind bent over the bed or on all fours ? Or crouched over him using your toes to move yourself up and down ? Does wonders for your leg muscles lol but puts no weight on him and gives longer strokes of his penis.
I'm a plus size woman and my partner is slim which makes me feel concerned sometimes but I love going on top it does it for me and he would say if it was uncomfortable. I think sometimes we worry and think things are worse than they are. If he wasn't comfortable I'm sure most would take control and move into a different position.

Experiment and find what pleasures you and do it that way.

Thank you for this.
We use lots of other positions, he really want me to ‘fuck him’ as he puts it.

I will defo take your advice, thank you again.

Another plus size lady too my hubby loves me to be on top but I hate it so don’t happen often. Generally because I’m worried I’m going to squash him or it hurts me due to my fibromyalgia / knee problems. We’ve just bought the bondage boutique sex stool with the idea me going on top amongst other positions we probably wouldn’t be able to try because of my problems not necessarily weight x

You can get a sex position stool if your worried about energy or squashing him they’re quite good fun.

As Alicia says Lazy dogging is good fun too. There are loads of positions where you as the lady can control the sex

Alternatively push him standing against a wall and bend over, slide on to him, use a chair or something to support your upper limbs and rick on your feet.

Have fun X that’s the main thing! If you’re not, don’t do it!

Thank you for all the advise... I am looking into a stool and love the idea of the lazy doggy.
Thank you.