Sex slave month

Over January, Mrs Sen and I (well, ok, me) had made more of a concerted effort to have more sex. Usually it is just weekends in the mornings and even then, this will sometimes be full on sex on a Saturday and oral for me on a Sunday. But throughout January, we also had quickies during the week before she has her evening shower, no toys, limited foreplay just a quick shag.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm as happy as the next person to have a loving partner that not only enjoys sex, but equally a blow job most weeks is ahead of the average (based on the stories around the bar at afterwork drinks, most present company on this forum excluded) but, I am finding myself wanting more.

On Sunday I proposed a change, she would be my sex slave for a month. Anything goes and she could not say no. Her initial reaction was "because I deny you so often?" as a sort of baited / hurt comeback, but I softened it with a fun type approach. Initially a bit thrown by the proposal, she agreed to give it a shot.

She is already up for some over the knee treatment thanks to a bit of mischevious behaviour yesterday so am looking forward to that tonight, but will definitely have to think of things to keep it interesting.

We have some remote love eggs, so with valentines day coming up, we may have to venture out to a bar for a quiet drink, but would welcome some other ideas to keep things interesting for us both. We do have x2 teenagers in the house so activities are somewhat restricted most of the time.


That's really exciting! The only remark I'd like to make is that she actually can say no, right? I don't know what kind of relationship you have, but unless you're experienced (as a couple) in bdsm/ consensual non-consent, implementing a ''you can't say no'' rule can go seriously wrong.

You can give her small tasks to do when you're not together, or when you're home with the kids. Tell her to take a dildo (and lube) with her at work, go in the bathroom and send you pics/ videos of her riding it. Wear a padded bra and nipple clamps. Don't wear any knickers. You choose what clothes she will wear. Surprise her by ordering her to tell you what she'd like you to do to her - then do it. Go for a walk somewhere remote, and have a quickie (or do it in the car). Hope some of these help! ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Oh man, so many things to suggest here but I dont know what type of things you guys are into or how dirty you get ^^ so I'll save some face and wait to see what others say first.

Smultron has some good ideas :)

Thanks for the responses. We have been married 20+ years, she has some hard limits which I would not consider breaching (e.g facials / swallowing, nudez), the "can't say no" thing is more to do with pushing the boundaries on the soft limits (anal play, public fun) plus the feeling of letting go of control.

She is so used to having her mum hat on, organising the household etc and at work she also is involved with scheduling staff so the idea of giving up control on one element of her life is perhaps a little daunting.

As for what we are in to -

Have done some light bondage with things like eye mask, silk restraints, have various spanking / tickling implements but this sort of thing is rarely done due to the proximity of our daughters room to ours and the thinness of the walls.

She sometimes enjoys anal play (butt plug, anal beads) othertimes not so much, very mood dependant.

I am probably looking to have a lightish month to begin with, do a few dares that are close to her levels of comfort but just past so she has to push past any inhibitions.

We had a new experience on Sunday with both of us masturbating together, took her a while to let go of the apprehension of being watched, but was great fun.

Best of luck with it, it sounds great, especially the whole relinquishing of control being such a change to what Mrs Sen is used to. But I must say, when I read the thread title I assumed, as we had just rolled into Feb, that you were drawing our attention to the fact that it was the international month dedicated to raising awareness of sex slaves.

I think months like this can be fun, but they can sometimes cause sexual stress where it can be hard to keep up. I really recommend doing a daily check in to see how she is feeling and if she's groggy or tired from health or life commitments on a particular day simply step back for a day and allow her to recover. This is the it many I know forget =) I'm sure you're going to have fun.

Thanks Gosig / Lady Ness.

Ive been very conscious of her mood / feelings and haven't pushed hard at all in the last week or so, but I figured its not a race and over the longer term if we can build up confidence in letting go a bit at a time, then all well and good.

With valentines day today, I think its a good time to push the public fun thing and depending on how she is (is often completely drained / tired by Friday) then will break out the remote love egg for a visit to the pub for a drink.

Will extend it into March and build up a bit from there, a few real life things impacting for now so backing off and not pressuring is right for us, for now.