Sex swing stand? How do they "stand up" to usage

Hey there fellow Lovehoney forum dwellers. :) I'm in need of some info from any of you lovely people with regards to a sex swing stand.

After looking around, there's many to choose from and we think we have settled on the popular fetish fantasy stand. We purchased the bondage boutique swing from here on Lovehoney (Thanks!! 👍).

But trusting other sites users is always difficult, especially when the reviews say very little about the actual usage. Or there is only 2 reviews. It's not really enough information:(.

My main questions are:

1. Did you switch the spring to a drawbar spring for safety ?

2. Can it take some good usage? Last thing we need is it going wild in the living room!

3. Do the feet mark surfaces it's placed on? Will it damage carpets? If so, would carpet tiles fix the issue?

4. Is it fast to setup,take down? What is the largest piece when disassembled for storage?

5. Anything else we should know before purchasing it?

Thanks for taking the time to read this over. 👍


We've got the stand as we can't drill holes in the ceiling where we are. to answer your questions:

1) Kept the same spring without any problems but you can never be too safe.

2) It's built to last you won't have problems with it.

3) Comes with plastic feet, carpet should be fine but if it's going to stay up for a while I think the carpet tile Idea would work

4) Define fast...I'd say it could easily go up or down in 15 minutes but it does take up a bit of space, and if you want it to go back in the box then it will take longer. The largest piece is the overhead crosspiece which we've never full disassembled, would need to check but it's probably about 3 foot by 3 foot and about 1.5 foot high, wouldn't go under our bed. The legs each come in two pieces approx a metre long.

5) It comes in a huge box, covered with pictures of the stand and a couple enjoying it, not the kind of thing that you can discretely store or stick in your recycling bin. That said we've had ours for a few years now so that might have changed! You'll read reviews where people leave this up and claim it's Gym equipment if anyone asks. Theoretically possible to do this but bear in mind it's huge so you'll need a BIG room to allow this to happen, think same sort of floorspace as a treadmill but a lot taller.

Despite all that, swings are a whole lot of fun so go for it and enjoy it!

Hi cheesecake and thanks for the reply! We've just ordered it and should be arriving in the next few days after Easter is out of the way :) .

We've checked the living room and there's enough space luckily. It says it needs a 7ft height.. we have an extra 6 inches! Yippee

These were my only concerns about the product. Looking forward to its arrival!

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great reply.

Have a great Easter!

Hope you've had a great Easter Tanices-playmate, You're welcome for the reply. Hope you both have a great time when it arrives!