sex swing stand?

Mr. B and I have a sex swing, but we bougt a new house with gorgous vaulted ceilings. We haven't broken out the swing since we moved in as I don't want to damage the ceiling. Have any of you used a swing stand? I know they are quite large. Are they worth the hassle?


Think you're going to have to rethink it, any stand would have to be quite sturdy and probably fixed to the floor, any built in cupboards where you could attach anything yet remain out of view? next best thing would be two shelves(or hooks hidden by the shelf) one on each wall going into a corner that way you could put a support across the diagonal 45 deg to the walls then attach your swing?

Could you mount it in a doorway ?

pipedreams use to do a sex swing stand that could be packed away. I'd contact them and see if they know of any local stockist to you.

If not, there are kink companies which make solid stands, but these are very very costly.

There are plenty of companies near me in the US that sell sturdy sex swing stands, but they are very pricey. I was hoping to find someone who had used one and to give me insight before I spent the money.