Sex Tip Competition Returns - £1000 prizes up for grabs

Yep, our great sex tips competition is back!
Do you know a great sex tip? Tell LoveHoney and you could win something from their £1,000 pile of sex toys!
All you have to do is go to LoveHoney at this page - - and enter your sex tip and your Orgasm Army username.
The members who submit the best tips by the end of March will win a sex toy or something ace!
Good luck!

You can see the winning tips from the last Sex Tips Competition here:


I won a toy in this competition last time - and it's now one of my faves. Will have to get my thinking cap on.

Just about to enter another tip there and noticed in the terms and conditions it says.

"The winners will be drawn at random after the closing date 31 March 2008. The winners will be notified by e-mail within 30 days of the closing date."

If the winners are chosen at random, does that mean that the best tip might not win? And again if at random surely you could increase your chances just by submitting more entries?

Tell me if I'm getting the wrong end of the stick here.

im so chuffed i won a prize!
a good start to the week i think!
who else won??

I won something too, a Fleshlight Masturbator "Prosthetic Fanny" as the wife calls it. See Bondage thread for more info.

Don't know if I actually got a place, but the prize normally goes for £40.

I won too trouble!! Don't know what yet though!!

My tips must've been shite. Maybe it's the way I tip?

Do you guys know what you won yet?

I won- got three packages-

Package 1- a electric blue silicone butt plug
Package 2- a packing dildo, some condoms, and some flavored body paint
Package 3- massage lotion and a vibrator/"Tickle Her Pink" kit

Package 3 has been my favorite so far, though my submissives love the plug (most of mine were a little... erm... bigger ;) )