Sex toy beginners

Hi all I’m new here​:slightly_smiling_face:
What’s your favourite go-to sex toy.
My girlfriend and myself have just started out using them.
I absolutely love it it turns me on so much.
Currently I have got the
1” 2” and 3” penis sleeve.
Beginner but plug
6” beginner dildo for my girlfriend.
I’ve just orderd the fat boy perfect fit
And panty vibrator. It should be here this week and we’re going to try it out.
I will let yous know how it goes​:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi and welcome…
Sounds like pick n mix already !! :grin:

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Hi there. Would you recommend anything?

Open to test any product

What fleshlight is it?

Welcome to the forum dude :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hellooooo and enjoy your growing toy box

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blindfold and a pair of soft wrist restraints. You can do wonders with a blind fold and soft restraints by doing things such as:
massages where they focus on your touch, some bdsm, combination with other toys, etc.
bonus points if you can get an under the bed kit, or over the door kit to clip the restraints on.

you can also put on head phones and select different music playlists to really help set a mood for your sexy fun time:
Do you want it to be more based on sensations or emotions: pick spa music
romantic playlists for romance

other toys?
A couple of fun sex board games aren’t bad, just be aware a lot are very cheesy or focused only foreplay.
You can also never go wrong with a strap on

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Hi there enjoy exploring the forum

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I can’t see a bullet vibe mentioned - this is my wife’s go-to every time but I also enjoy it very much, particularly through the material of my briefs whether operated by her or myself. :heartbeat: :sweat_drops:

Hello and welcome first off. Are you looking for a toy or yourself, girlfriend or one you can both use?
For yourself maybe a prostate massager or a stroker.
For your girlfriend she might want to try a g-spot toy or a clit suction toy.
For both of you maybe an anal training kit or some nipple suckers.

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A bar… cuffs and lots of rope.

@S200 Hello welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

One we can both use.
I enjoy using sleeves

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Your GF may enjoy tossing you off with a stroker herself - but watch she doesn’t pull it right off as she could end up with a black eye! :crying_cat_face:

I really like clitoral stimulation, and my We-Vibe Touch X is my go to… I use it 98% of the time when masturbating and then during piv and anal sex I’ll use it in rotation with my other clit vibes!

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Hello and welcome! Our go-to toy has to be my wife’s Womanizer (Pro40 or Melt). Works on my wife like nothing else, just super unique and pleasurable.

I especially enjoy when I wear an extender to help lessen the sensitivity as the Womanizer causes her to pulse and squeeze around me and it’s tough to last all the way.