Sex Toy Demos

Hey everyone, I have always wanted to know what happens to the sex toys after they were demonstrated on LoveHoney TV videos..any ideas?
My theory was that the staff get to keep them...lucky people :P

I was thinking that's probably what happens too :)

I believe they go into a staff box generally.

I can picture it now, big box of mega dildos/butt plugs that nobody wants and they just end up as door stops and paper weights XD

I guess once they are finished recording with them, if they are still fine to use give them away to staff or as sex toy testers.

I guess they go into the infamous staff box as shown on Frisky Business! Damn I am jealous, I need a job at LH HQ!

Well, in all honesty, it depends on the product!

Some products do go into the staff box, others go on the Sex Toy Testers list for review, while some other toys will simply be repackaged and put back in the warehouse for sale :)

Yeah, I've had a couple of products that have been on the Sex Toy Testers list that have been used for photographic or video purposes. I always get an email first asking if I'm still interested even though it's taken out of the box, but I don't see a problem with it :)

I had a feeling...they're so lucky :) wish I was a sex toy tester or worked for Lovehoney..thats the dream ha

Hey XxxxX,

I've noticed that your Sex Toy Testers wishlist doesn't have any of the toys on it that are currently available for testing.

This is a link to the sex toys testers page -

It has a list of products currently available for texting and gets updated every couple of days or every week, so keep checking for new updates. You might need to have a couple of reviews that you've made on products yourself before you're chosen, so please don't get disheartened.

I hope that helps :)

I can't add things to my wishlist ATM as it is broke

Have you tried deleting it and making a new one?

I got sent a Lelo Tara to review that was used for photographic purposes first - the box was slightly damaged but that was it!