Sex Toy In home Parties

Honestly really curious… 20 to 25 years ago I attended in home sex toy parties, typically women but men would be there with partners :blush: or without and looking back on this now that I’m full of curiosity and exploration I’d really love to try one out again. I’m way less inhibited and think I’d make a great hostess or seller just because I feel more confident. @Lovehoney_Brenna , I know I’m in Canada but are you exploring or actually doing this still? I think its a great idea now that people are allowed to gather again.


Me and my friends hosted a few sex toy parties here in the UK some years ago. I don’t know if Lovehoney do them but they are fantastic fun and a great experience.

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I’ve never heard of a lovehoney toy party, but would be great craic if they did them!


If i remember correctly a major high street name had home sex toy parties, with an agent doing sales pitches and raffles etc


I used to be a party organiser for said highstreet brand, before it had shops.

Officially we were not allowed to have men at parties for our safety apparently, but I did some great parties in gay pubs and rugby pubs, where I was often the only woman.

Really enjoyed it.


I remember sex toy parties were all the rage when I was younger! I also remember a toy an ex partner bought at one!! It seemed massive and made me feel quite inadequate!! Although Looking at the size of toys now it was probably average!! :grin::grin::grin:


Went to one in the early 80s , all couples . It was super fun as the hostess brought out toys and gave sales pitch . Being super shy like I am , I modeled several male underwear and my extremely well built biker girlfriend also . I do believe everyone in attendance went home and made some super good sex that evening , I know we did . None of our friends would even talk about going to one in our senior age group . I would probably have about the same luck as I did a few years ago inviting several friends to go to the nudist camp .