sex toy tester help

i am really wanting to be a sex toy tester but i am not sure if i did my wish list right if anyone could help so i could have a opportunity it would be appreciated :) thank you

Looks fine to me!

thank you :) i wasnt for sure since none of the items were on the list but i also put majority of the toys that they want to test on my list to

Hi Sports wizard, yes you are all set up. But you need to put yourself in LH's position. Just a few pointers. They probably would like to see a few more purchases and reviews, I think most of us that have had toys to test are around the 10 reviews written. Your time and history, I think it would appear to me about 3 month on the forums. I may be wrong hopefully others will post and let you know their experience, but these were mine before I got my first to review.

But like so many other things in life it's well worth the wait.![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

ok thank you appreciate the advice.

i heard this was a fantastic sight and is the only site that i knew of that did toy testing and i thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn and experience different toys while providing a review for each of the items

Think you also need to write more informative reviews. A few lines just doesn't cut it.

that is true thanks a bunch helps quite a bit