Sex Toy Tester link?

Sorry if this has been discussed but I was away when the forum change was made so I may have missed it.

On the old forum there was a link at the top to the sex toy tester product page. It doesn’t seem to be there on the new forum. Has it been moved?

I’ve found the page separately and bookmarked a link to it. I just wondered if was still available on the forum.

There’s a link embedded in the header of the tester list topic. :+1:

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That’s the link I’ve bookmarked.

I’m not sure I understand the question? I thought you were asking if there was a link to on the forum?

(because if that is the question, then there’s one under the title of Sex Toy Tester Thread 2020. It looks like a little square with an arrow shooting out the top right corner, with written next to it. :+1: It also stays with as you scroll down the topic page, in the sticky header (I’m using Android))

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That was the question and you answered it perfectly. Thank you.

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Thanks everyone