Sex toy wishlists

Hi all, just got in this new forum & I’m just wondering how do i create my new wishlists? Can’t find any information. :confused: also the sex toy tester link xx

Yeah I was wondering where they had gone too, always adding stuff that I hope I will get picked for but I can’t find it either.

Your wishlists can be managed from the site. :+1: You should be able to link to them from here (you will have to log-in to there though, as it doesn’t seem to be a global log-in yet)

And the sex toy testers can be found here.

I’m sure they’ll join it all up properly when they get the chance. :slight_smile:


Thank you x

As you say @Ian_Chimp things are a little disjointed right now. The forum is much more feature rich but I think this will improve if they can achieve some form of single sign on/integration between the two (shop & forum).

Oh, OK, wonder if my session dropped. I’ll give it another go. Thanks for pointing it out :+1:t2: