Sex toys & accessibility

Curious as to whether anyone struggles with accessibility issues when it comes to toys? Or if they’ve found a toy that has some nice touches that can make it more accessible to people?

I recently got to review the Rose Clitoral Stimulator and was actually pleasantly surprised they went to the effort to make the buttons feel different. The initial power button protrudes from the toy slightly, whilst the level setting button is indented. There’s never any confusion as to which button you’re pressing.

Now this might sound silly to some of you, but I looked at some of my other toys that have multiple buttons, and there’s no difference in feel, so it can be difficult to know exactly what button you’re hitting.

Anyone else found issues in accessibility? Or found a toy that actually makes an effort to be more accessible?
I feel like it’s important to talk about this, and maybe help some other forum members out in the process.


You’re quite right.

If we’re using toys on each other then it’s easy to see the controls and identify them but if we’re using toys on ourselves and trying to operate them by feel alone it can be very difficult to differentiate between the controls and, once they’re covered in lubricant, they can be physically difficult to operate too.

This is especially true for my wife who has Parkinsons. She finds some toys frustratingly tricky to control.

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This is a good point, its frustrating without needing accessibility. I would like the buttons to feel different, like a different texture for up & down. It wouldn’t take away from the look of the toy and would be much easier to manage when you can’t see the buttons.


Agree about accessibility issues and also lube not helping!
The position of the buttons can really help, or if the button is a different size or shape or has an identifiable pattern that you can feel. But lots of toys have a smooth cover over the complete toy including the buttons so that can make it more difficult to differentiate them. However a seamless cover can help with hygiene issues, ie when you clean the toy you need to be more careful to clean any crevices with a little brush like a toothbrush which you could keep for that activity only - and rinse really well too otherwise soap or toy cleaner doesn’t get stuck in crevices. There are also companies like Hot Octopuss that specialise in accessibility and they are listed on Lovehoney.
Hope that helps.

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I totally understand about the hygiene issues, but having buttons slightly different to each other would still help, and absolutely could be done in a way that wouldn’t compromise hygiene/cleaning. I for one thoroughly clean all of my toys, and having the raised and indented buttons on the one I mentioned earlier don’t change how hygienic it is.

I’ve seen a couple of the Hot Octopuss toys, their buttons are another perfect example! Makes it way more accessible to people who need to use feel rather than sight.

I just wish more brands made their products more accessible, it would be much more inclusive and user-friendly.

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Doesn’t sound silly at all and I think it’s actually very good to know this as many people with accessibility issues will benefit to have these sort of useful tweaks and knowledge of good friendly toys available as after all everyone deserves to be able to enjoy themselves regardless of abilities :relieved:

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