Sex toys and pregnancy

I'm 7 months pregnant and - as has been the case with previous pregnancies - my sex drive is going wild. This time around, though, I've succumbed to reading the 50 Shades Trilogy, which has only heightened things more. I've bought a whole bunch of toys recently and am very much enjoying them, though I've noticed I do get a lot of braxton hicks contractions for a while after climaxes <---which are sooooo much more intense when I'm pregnant.

I've looked about online and can't find anywhere that says toys shouldn't be used in pregnancy, but I'm particularly wondering about the jiggle ball type toys. I'm thinking they're gonna be essential for after the baby arives, after the 6 week check, especially as this is my third baby and I'm no spring chick so things are pretty loose down there. Also wondering about use of butt plugs and thrusters? My OH and I have some pretty good times without toys - the toys are mainly for my own use. We've had post-coital bleeding one time in this pregnancy and hospital staff said it was ok to go on but abstain for a week or so. Didn't ask them about toys though. Any advice or others' experiences? Thanks!

From what I read, kegel exercises during pregnancy, with or without balls, are safe and play an important role on the condition of every woman's pelvic floor muscles after childbirth. I'd suggest you discuss this with your doctor first though, since you had post coital bleeding. I'm sure he/she can give you some safe guidelines