Sex toys in hand luggage

Hi we're going for a short break to Malts soon and are only taking hand luggage, I've flown before with toys in the hold bagge with no trouble but never in my hand luggage has anyone taken vibrators through airports in their hold bags.

I'm a bit concerned as last time we flew we had to put all electricals on display to everyone as we went through security and havind an egg and a vibrator in the tray may be embarrasing.

I'd check with local authorities as I know there have been problems with people taking toys before and getting mixed messages!

When we came out to NZ we had 2/3 vibrators in our main/hold luggage, we just took out the batterys. We didn't dare put them in our han luggage as ot every stopover our hand luggage was inspected. ( we had 2 stop overs and one was Dubai ) We never had any issue's with our hold luggage but that we booked straight through. Maybe we were lucky but we had no problems.

I recently flew within Europe and only took hand luggage. Im sure when i read it the hand luggage rules said electrical appliances had to be fully charged so you could if necessary prove they worked (so they werent explosives disguised as a mobile phone or the like). Good luck with that one! :) If i was a security guard id want a full demo to prove it were just a sex toy. Lol

I've flown with sex toys in my hand luggage loads of times without problems. Obviously if you're flying somewhere where sex toys are illegal then they will be confiscated on entrance to that country, I don't think there is anywhere in the eu where this is the case but double check if you're worried. You need to take any batteries out of battery powered toys, and there is a limit to how many batteries you can bring, my internet is going too slow to check but it should say on your airline regulations, it's something like 5 I think...or maybe 10... mine have never caused any suspicion, but the last time I flew (going out of Gatwick) I had my bag checked due to some suspicious bath salts. The man checking obviously knew there were sex toys in there too from the xray thing, and was very careful to open my bag just a crack to look in and find the suspicious bath salts, rather than open my bag full of toys up for everyone to see!

I used to work in an airport the guys at security will know they are there from the xray images. PS most scan your hold luggage too. Usually they try to be as discreet as possible as they would not want to offend any other passengers who may be sensitive to such things and would most likely take you into a side room if it was needed to inspect your luggage fully. Make sure you remove the batteries. usually you only have to put smart devices on display EG laptops, mobile phones etc.

Some of the more expensive toys like Jimmy Jane’s Form 2: have a travel setting that disabled accidental powering up. Even if your bag is trembling whilst passing security and you have a nervous look on your face you’re unlikely to nominate yourself for a cavity check in this day and age. Try and be sensitive and don’t risk it if going anywhere ultra conservative but most security staff have seen it all and will react professionally with discretion. Lubes in hand luggage are likely to cause more embarrassment when they hand you the clear plastic bag as you hold up the queue.