Sex Toys on a Budget

Hey guys!

So I'm relatively new to this, and as a poor student I was wondering if you have any tips and essential basics that you would recommend in order to get the most out of not a lot of dosh.

Thanks! i would recommend this you cant go wrong for £7.50!

the basics range, depending on how experienced you are :) though I have a little collection now and still enjoy the basic butt plug, vibrator and dildo

and butt plug and vibrator are in 3 for £10 deal :) though maybe try to take adavantage of sale toys at the mo, some are actually cheaper in sale than on deal :o 

horny 24/7's suggestion is good, been looking at that toy myself actually........

I would recommend browsing through the 3 for £10 offer here also check the deal of the day and deal of the week when you can. Also students get 20% off!

Ooh I love this game!

My top picks are:

Lovehoney - Paige wrote:

Ooh I love this game!

My top picks are:

+1 For both the bullet and the lube,the Ro-80 was my wife's favourite toy for years and Lubido is our current lube of choice.