Sex tracker apps. Does anyone use one? any recommendations?

Hi there
Have any of you guys used a sex tracker app? I had a look and there are a few around. Some have games and stories.
Wondered if any of the community had tried any, and if any of you recommend anything?
Always interested in any kind of fun apps!
Thanks :pray:


Apart from games and stories what is the purpose of it? Is it to track calories? :exploding_head:


I’m not sure what this is. But I tend to track on my menstrual app.

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Think @ThirtySomethingWife might be able to offer some ideas on this as vaguely remember mentioning something about sexy app games :nerd_face:


I think the app @ThirtySomethingWife mentioned was Spicer. It must not be on android, it just brings up Dirty Couple Games and Naughty Couple Games when I search for it, both still look fun :upside_down_face:


It is also on android


It doesn’t come up for me! My play store is wick!


@JoCat - Spicer got removed from Google Play Store back in 2020! You can download directly from their website but I’m always a bit wary of those so can’t speak from personal experience I’m afraid. Kindu is a similar app though which is available!

In response to your question @our-adventure-bed - it depends what you’re looking for, whether it’s just for logging dates or whether you want it to be more fun type thing. For dates I just use a period tracker - I don’t actually have a period but I use it to log my depo injections, sex and routine sexual health checks so they’re all in one place and I can easily check dates because they’re all nicely colour coded! The one I use is Clue but there’s lots available! For fun type stuff with a partner I’ve used Kindu in the past to explore different things although I haven’t used it in a while and from memory I don’t think there was the option to actually log sexual activity :blush:


Xconfessions is free and easy to use good fun for some new mutual ideas.

Thanks all

@JoCat - I use a food diary app for my weight and calories. I saw a sex tracker advertised and I was thinking of just keeping a record of when we have sex, because it fluctuates a lot. When I looked them up, some had couples games, audio stories and stuff.

I’m not that fussed about recording when we have sex! But I like tech and just wondered if anyone was using anything fun.

Spicer looks pretty good. Thanks @ThirtySomethingWife and @SexInTheCity. I’ll look up Xconfessions - thanks @Fire_Ice1

Happy Friday!