Sex wedge and positions

Just purchased the LH wedge set and curious what are your favourite positions with one or both wedges?

Under the bum, whilst lying on the back, tilts pelvis up exposing everything and makes your legs fall backwards and open in a relaxing way?


As above.

Very helpful for us older folks too.

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As above. But also:

the smaller wedge under the hips when lying face down on bed. Good for normal sex/pegging etc

Bent over the larger wedge with restraints for spanking or more supportive doggy

Both wedges together but lying with head at lower end for oral


Not got a wedge, often thought about getting one but with kids we need stuff that doesnt raise questions. We often use pillows, cushions and bean bags to make positions more comfortable. Her on her back with a pillow under her hips makes it easier for me to give her oral. For penetration the pillow under her hips also makes it easier to get an angle that hits her gspot. If shes lying on her front a cushion under her lower stomach raises her angle to make a good. lazy doggy position or for a higher position we’ll use a bean bag. Pilliows or a bean bag behind my back helps me sit up to kiss her as she rides me cowgirl or to watch her in reverse cowgirl or gives me oral. A pillow under my lower back when she’s on top can also sometimes help to get a better angle. I’m sure there are alot of other ways to incorporate a wedge and i look forward to hearing them.


You can get inflatable ones? So not so noticeable once “flat again”

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We have an inflatable wedge. By the time I’ve blown it up I’m so lightheaded that I’ve forgotten what I was going to do with it.


I bought a pump for to blow up the inflatable ring of my pool and it is now used to blow my wedge instead. It is so handy!!

I have a wedge and it’s ideal to place do the wedge elevates your bottom - this allows great access to both vagina and anus - it’s a perfect piece of equipment for great oral pleasure- I cover mine in a towel type material as it can get wet sometimes

We also use when I’m pegging my husband as again good anal access

For those who enjoy sex it’s an essential piece of equipment :lovehoney_heart:


We occasionally use a pillow under my wife bum for a slightly different angle giving deeper penetration in missionary position


My eldest thinks my wedges are used to elevate my pillow when i have a cold to help with sinus pressure when lying flat :rofl::rofl::rofl: