Sex Wedge Positions, Tips and Benefits

Hey guys

Our sex wedge arrived this morning and it’s all pumped up ready for some action once the kids get to bed!

I’ve had a wee search on the forum and looked for any videos but I can’t see much information.

I’m looking for any tips on how you have used them and had great sex, oral or foreplay.

Are there any positions that you would especially recommend?

Has a wedge enhanced your sex life?
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  • Never tried

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Following to see everyones opinions. Me and the wife normally use a pillow when we are going anal but a wedge may help massively.

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Had a similar one years ago and it was great fun. Mainly useful for raising up without putting pressure on your back

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It just makes the angles “right”. That is all I can say, I think its the kind of item you need to try to understand what the benefit of it is!

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I have spinal arthritis. We have a liberator wedge which is great for me receiving oral and for doggy (really don’t like that description!) - a big wodge of cushions and pillows is just as good, tbh.
I find the wedge best for solo play - I can relax into place more.
For couples play the heart-shaped cushion is better, we have found. That one is also good for solo- if I had to choose, it would be the heart-shape.
But it depends on your style. My OH is heavier than me so in missionary he takes his weight on his knees and I kind of drape my legs around him, if that makes sense. The wedge gets in the way of his knees- it is too wide for him to fit around my hips- but the heart shape is narrower so that suits us best.
Good luck - these cushions have lots of uses and everyone will find their best way of using one.

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I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread because we’ve been looking into getting one for a while now

@D_and_E - we had so much fun with ours last night.
It was only our first time using it, but we were up playing and experimenting for hours!!

I reckon ours will be seeing quite a lot of action :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It just opens up new possibilities…

@Cupc8kes I like the sound of it! Was it comfortable enough? With my wife having bad hips a few people have suggested it

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Oh this would be great.
You can use this on the bed, she can lie on it with her bottom slightly hanging off the high side.

This means her pelvis is raised higher which makes it easier for you but is also tilted at an angle. This might even help you to reach other spots :wink:

So you can also make yourself comfortable on the bed without having to worry about your knees.

It’s a win win :grin:

A lot of the wedges look smaller but the reviews for this particular one said it was a bit big, I actually wanted something that was quite big as I want to feel comfortable and supported.
For me, there is no point having some poxy little thing that you’re just going to roll right off in the middle of an orgasm :astonished:

This is a good size, the material is pretty thick and soft. And a lot of reviewers have said that they don’t pump it fully up, this allows for a bit more natural movement without being too bouncy. But we pumped it right up and enjoyed what it had to offer.

I was lucky enough to get mine on ‘Deal of the Day’ but I would pay full price as it’s worth it.

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Thanks @Cupc8kes totally agree with going bigger than a smaller one, I’m Kicking myself for not seeing it when it was deal of the day, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the info

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We’ve had a foam cushion type wedge for years. It’s been absolutely brilliant. We’re now in our late 60’s and not as limber as we used to be. The cushion raises her or my hips up to exactly the right height for penetration and eases the strain on the legs of the ‘giver’. It also changes the angle giving far deeper penetration. It’s also great for cunnylingus as it gives far easier access. On a practical note we also use it when I’m shaving her as it’s far easier to see what’s going on.

We have just bought the inflatable wedge and we tried it out yesterday when she was pegging me. It turned out to be a little too high for her to reach me. We probably need to let some air out but we’ll try it out with her first.


That’s is some great info @rockstar
Thanks for sharing.

We have a cheap inflatable one, it’s useful when I’m lying on my back, it tips my pelvis towards my chest making it far easier for my wife to have her fist inside me also it naturally tips your legs back so it’s easy for them to rest open on their own without strain

When I broke my foot and we got one of these - edited by mod It’s great for all sorts of positions. Unfortunately it looks likeedited by mod are discontinuing the line, they were a good price (< £50 if I remember correctly) and something we could leave around the house without risk of awkward questions.