Sex whilst pregnant

Hey! I’m new to this forum and would like peoples opinions and thoughts really on sex whilst pregnant. Myself and my partner are stupidly sexually active. Even now that i’m 8 months pregnant. I need it more now than ever haha and our sex life is probably better than ever! What are peoples thoughts on sex whilst pregnant? more pleasurable? a feeling of guilt? not feeling sexy? or just damn right feeling yourself & the preggo belly? i’d like opinions & what other people think about it? toys or no toys? sex or no sex? favourite pregnant positions? comfortable or uncomfortable?

i’m very intrigued about this topic!!🩷


Welcome to the forum @danniella.hartrey and congratulations on the pregnancy :blush:

I can’t help with your question, just thought I’d say hi :wave:t2:


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Hubby here. It’s great! Things snug up nice, no need to worry about consequences, et. al. OH seemed to like it, too.

When OH was about 6 mo. pregnant with our first, she suggested we go out to dinner at a tiki bar, where you basically drink your dinner. Afterward, I was looking for the men’s room, and she suggested we ask at the (attached hotel) desk. After a while standing in line, I asked her why we were there. She said, “Checking in.” I knew I was in trouble!

Don’t recall how much sleep we got that night, but it wasn’t much.

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We didnt have any during pregnancy. As soon as my wife seen the blue line that avenue of pleasure was stopped. Our daughter is hurtling towards 6 months and still nothing. Same situation when our son was born 6 years ago.

When I was pregnant I got told at 12 weeks I couldn’t have sex due to my placenta being low. I had never heard of this before so I was in complete shock when she told me I could no longer have PIV. She must have thought I had a right sex problem as my face must of said it all :joy: my initial thought was that’s 6 months!! But it wasn’t to bad to be honest me and my partner just did other bits

Hi :wave:t2: and welcome.

With my first I was horny all the time but the oh was a little more reserved and uncomfortable with the idea, especially as I had bleeds pretty much each time I convinced him it was fine :face_with_peeking_eye: so that worried him even more.

With the second he was better and was finding my pregnancy body irresistible, and the fact I had looked up some porn with pregnant women to show him its fine…then we got up to all sort, I even pegged him a few times too while pregnant.

As for position I was in quite a lot of pain through out most of the 2nd pregnancy and everything was uncomfortable especially after, until we started use the dining table with my leg’s supported on the backs of the chairs :ok_hand::drooling_face:.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

When the OH was pregnant her levels of horniness went off the scale. We were probably having sex at least once a day.

The challenge was finding comfortable positions as her bump grew, towards the end, it was either doggy style or resr entry spooning.

Another bonus of her pregnancy was her milk coming in and I couldn’t get enough of her milky boobs, which were massive.

We were having sex as usual right up to the morning of the day she actually delivered.

Spooning was best towards the end.

Helloooo and why the hell not! More the better

With the first child, my wife was a maniac, couldn’t get enough, do it as much as you can. It’s the perfect time and you have intimacy with it. Second one was a little harder with the nausea and not feeling good most of the time. I would say if you’re feeling it, take advantage of it, and let him know!!!

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Welcome to the forum!

Hubby here and I will say I LOVED pregnant wife and pregnant sex! All about the curves - I’m a “boob guy” and wife went from 36DD to 38G by the end, plus the darkening and engorgement of her nipples. 6 months was like the sweet spot where she had a full bump but nothing was too uncomfortable yet. The increased hormones and bloodflow to get uterus/groin meant permanently lubed, engorged, and just gorgeously exuding sex.

Our first pregnancy ended with a miscarriage at 9 weeks, but those first 5 weeks her libido was off the charts as the hormone factory went into high gear. Great fun couple weeks there where in her words every minute she was awake she was either hungry or horny

Second pregnancy was filled with a lot more anxiety in the early weeks until we made it past the 1st trimester due to the previous loss. We never did hit the “crazy pregnant libido” but did continue with our very satisfying regular sex life. I found her so sexy when pregnant, and the changing body forced a greater variety of positions (and just a lot more cowgirl and oral due to the bump).

Third pregnancy was much less anxious for wifey and the sex was phenomenal. Her bump popped earlier and her breasts were crazy (she was still nursing #1 when we got pregnant again, so she went from milking to pregnant boobs). She never said much explicitly about her desire, but we had some crazy sex. Starting about the 2nd trimester, every Sunday afternoon we’d put our son down for a nap while we romped and DP with me in her ass and a dildo in her vagina became the weekly regular occurrence. We maintained our daily bedtime sex again, so much cowgirl as her bump grew. In the 3rd trimester she started to suffer some insomnia and would regularly wake me at night for another round. In the final two weeks that went up to twice a night on several occasions. As we passed our due date people wanted to share, with a wink and a nod, that the same thing put the baby in will get the baby out. After my mom said that to us, I had to say “if we’re going to have any more sex then we are already, I’ll need to take time off of work.”

We’re happily done after two kids, and I’m all snipped. But dang if I couldn’t handle my wife being like permanently 6 months pregnant. Phenomenal memories.


Welcome to the forum :smiley: and happy days on your pregnancy too!

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Welcome to the forum!

My wife is currently about 6 months pregnant with our second baby. Pregnancy sex is awesome, but its definitely drastically different this time around from baby #1.

The first pregnancy my wife was super nauseous in the first trimester, super horny in the second, and uncomfortable in the third (kinda your stereotypical pregnancy). This time her nauseous feelings aren’t as intense, the orgasms feel a bit dulled, and she’s definitely starting to feel sore now that we are entering the third trimester.
We also had another pregnancy that led to miscarriage in between, but the miscarriage happened very very early so I can’t really say much about it.

The pregnancy sex during baby number 1 was actually relationship changing. It was our first baby and we ended up having some serious conversations about communicating our wants and needs and what those needs were. We had wild crazy sex and got to really explore our different kinks and interests and just really learned to communicate sexually and relationship-ly.

As with any pregnancy sex, make sure you do your research and are aware of anything risky. A few of the resources we checked the first time around mentioned that: choking (because of airflow), hitting the belly (obviously), and doggy style (because risk of ‘pumping air’ into uterus) is not recommended especially closer to third trimester

I abstained from sex on my first but on my second had sex a lot - especially in the last month

I have found having sex while pregnant is fun and has no effect on the baby

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Me and the OH had sex throughout pregnancy, ahe had a low lying placenta too but if you avoid deep penetration, you’ll be fine. ’ Shag away sister!’ Haha

Welcome! As long as you are comfotable, and you haven’t been told not to by your health team, then crack on!

Personally, we only had sex a handful of times in each pregnancy - I was sick and not in any way horny, but each to their own!

Pregnancy sex is generally considered healthy. My female partners have done it plenty. My GF’s desire for it was very intense, to the point that during the last few weeks she mostly just slept, ate a bit, and asked me to lick her about 20 times a day. :joy: I think a lot of the increased libido is related to blood flow. I swear GF’s clit at least doubled in size.

Hi @danniella.hartrey and welcome
When me and my ex wife went to hospital, they said your not ready and to go home and come back when the waters have broken.
The midwife told us that having sex can help as the sperm does something to bring it on.
My ex didnt want to leave… so we fucked in the hospital toilets.
Didnt take long for it all to start.
We told her what wed done, and she looked very disapproving.
Hadnt done it for ages… little tadpoles must have battered that sack like an army!!!

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Nothing wrong with sex while pregnant- cannot do you or the baby any harm