sex who initiates it and how?????

right who initiates sex and how title says it all relli, it varys with me and my partner sometimes he does sometimes i do sometimes its really rendom but on the whole its me i let him no by playing with his chest hair is that strange?? eather way its how i let him know no matta were we are its my code i suppose. he lets me know by playing with my hair again its so discreet no one but us (and now all of you) will no so we can let each other no when ever and wherever we are!

You both have chest hair?

I initiate it as the gf is a bit shy.

no the hair on my head lol!
i should of watched how i wrote that shouldnt i looking at it now it sounds dodgy lol! thank u for pointing it out.

I play with my blokes chest chair to point out I want sex. He knows how turned on I get by a gorrilla amount of hair lol.

It's usually both of us that initiate it, weirdly. I'm normally the one to lean in for a kiss, but we both seem to spark well off that, and its usually quite balanced over who makes the first move from there.

Although, in spontaneous sex times, it's usually me. Not a reyt couply man my bloke, so I tend to have to be the one lol.

same with crayola im the spontaneous one..i'll tend to just jump on him when we're just getting to sleep or wake him up by straddling him but other times its kind of mutual, we tend to know when its gona happen but like most men i know he's up for it basically 24/7! lol

hmm, Its great when both parties do a bit of initiating every now and again. Generally we know when the other is in the mood, I have a nasty habit of getting naked whilst my partners out of the room so that when he comes back he knows whats on the cards. fun fun!

I reach for my partners tits and kiss her very lightly and run my tongue along her lips. That turns her on every time and she is putty in my hands!

I love it when my boyfriend runs his tongue along my lips but holds back from a full on kiss for a while, makes me turn to jelly just thinking about it!

He knows I'm up for it 24/7 so we usually start off snuggling in bed then one thing just leads to another. There are often times early morning when I like to wake him by going down on him whilst he's still asleep - my heart pounds in case he wakes up before I'm ready - I love it!

Sometimes Me and Mrs S will randomly send each other rude texts and emails from work throwing in some very rude picture messages and when we get back from work it's usually pretty explosive as we've worked each other up, as it were, all day.

Sometimes I just say to him 'get naked now!' - that certainly works.

Depends really, we don't have a set pattern but I certainly wouldn't feel as if I had to hold back waiting for him if I was horny.

Yep her fiddling with my chest hair, or running her nails up the inside of my thighs whilst holding a tapemeasure against the inside of my thighs to see how far my balls retreat, or me fiddling with her piercings usually sees the candles lit and the light dimmed - enough said l feel.

Mrs.Naughty knows Mr.N is about to initiate something when he bellows,"Adopt the position, grease yourself up and brace yourself, I'm coming in!!"

No, seriously, it can be either of us at any time. Sometimes it can just be a look, other times it's a full on frontal assault. Mr.N usually gets the message when Mrs.N exposes her breasts in the tinned vegetables aisle in Morrisons and smiles sweetly as if butter wouldn't melt. What would Mr.N do without her?...Wank a lot probably! LOL!

grlfriend wrote:

I reach for my partners tits and kiss her very lightly and run my tongue along her lips. That turns her on every time and she is putty in my hands!

Mmmm...that's exactly what I do to my gf, or I very lightly skim my nails up her thighs while kissing slowly up her neck. Fuck I'm horny now!! :D

OH is subtle she gives me a hug from behind and plays with various parts of me till i wake up this happens once in a blue moon thought lol ..... me being the direct sort of person i am I kinda just lay it on the line over dinner and ask her if i should try anything tonight or just fall asleep .... i get a lot of sleep :)

OH initiates it more than I do, sometimes he'll just come out with it and say "you want rude time?", other times we'll be lay in bed, spoons position and he'll start kissing and rubbing my neck and back.

If I initiate it, apparantly there's a look I give him that says it all...i'm not entirely sure what it looks like but he knows it when he sees it! x

Hmmm, it's kind of planned into our routine....a blowjob before bed time and sex on the weekends....we even seem to generally plan our sex (not like strictly but like a few ours before we'll ask each other what we want) I guess it's mainly because of my pain and fatigue, it prevents disappointment if we plan it because I can make sure I'm well rested before hand

Generally it's me that initiates too for a similar reason! We usually just ask each other, there's no "subtlety" because we are just really open about things like that.....I guess occasionally we'll have really passionate, hot, sexy kisses to get each other in the mood but usually we have talked about it before hand to gauge what mood we are both in


I generally wait for my partner to initiate it perhaps 80% of the time. In a reversal of gender stereotypes, sometimes I worry I want it more than him! Waiting for him to start means I know he's ready, and he usually doesnt keep me waiting long.

Sometimes I initiate it, although that's generally when we've already had sex once and after a while I want it again! I initiate it sometimes too when he keeps me waiting too long!

When he initiates it, he starts running his hands up and down the inside of my legs. It can vary when I want to initiate it, but climbing on top of him is usually a good way of getting us both into the mood.

it depends on how forceful he is. im putty in any forceful man's hands and will do what he wants. but if it someone quieter i love seducing him, so really depends on who and the situation. x

emmilou wrote:

9 out of 10 times it's me who initiates it, or at least tries to - 7 out of 10 times i'm turned down.......

no seriously though, it's very rare that he would make the first move, but when he does, he usually starts by kissing my back and nibbling my ears - wonder should i douse myself with a bottle of becks before i head off to bed..........?

i like your thinking!!

they should make beer-scented/flavoured perfumes specifically for bedtimes. would be much more attractive to blokes that the ones with pheromones in!! x

we're quite evenly balanced, whoever is most horny instigates it. There isn't a normal way to do this sometimes it's kissing, sometimes it touching and sometimes it just pinning the other one down and going for it. He always responds really well when I get dressed up in lingerie or costume and appear just in his sightline.

Its pretty even for us. On the whole its probably him. It usually starts with lots of kissing that leads to a bit of touching. Sometimes if one of us fancies a quick one we make eyes at eachother. Looking up for example.

Roxy x