Since my fella has been unwell we have started sexting.
I have done it before but he hadn’t. As the week has progressed we’ve gone from cheeky banter to sending explicit photos to each other. What we have come to realise is that we both like dirty sex, role play and the use of toys.
This is a revelation and will open up a whole new world to us. As he said, we’ve had amazing sex but have been ultra respectful not to cross the line. The line is now nowhere in sight and we look forward to experiencing and experimenting a whole new world of sexual pleasure that without sexting we wouldn’t have known.
Something definitely positive has come out of him having covid. We are getting together tonight after 9 long days and i have butterflies in my stomach with excitement. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad your OH is now in the mend and hope therevis no re occurance. Yes we enjoy sexting and sending pics addscto the spice of life. I hope you both have a lovely and enjoyable evening

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Enjoy it! My first attempt at sexting, I was in the bedroom watching TV, stripped down to some seethru boxers and sent my OH a snap - she came up 10 minutes later, by coincidence, blissfully unaware I’d sent her a pic. Luckily the orgasmic outcome was the same - and she kept the pic for future use :wink:

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What a nice story. Sorry to hear he caught covid, but glad somethig so positive came out of it for you both :smile:

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I’ve started sexting my husband and its been fun. I have a book on sex positions downloaded onnmy cell, i have kindle and I make suggestions by sending images :innocent: he doesn’t always respond but where he does its delightful!


That’s awesome, glad you are both having fun

I do love a bit of sexting, dirtier the better with us :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

That’s good news, and have fun :wink:


Enjoy the playtime

Sounds like a great evening awaits you both and I really thrilled to hear how the joys of sexting has awoken a new spring of life into your relationship! :smiley:

Well that’s a first, “catch Covid to improve your sex life” It should be the next gov advertising campaign. Have a great night, just be careful his energy levels may not be at full strength yet. Waiting with anticipation at what you intend doing? @maz1965

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Good to hear he’s recovering. It can be strange how things work out, silver lining and all that stuff. :sun_behind_large_cloud:

Just make sure the message doesn’t go to the wrong person… LOL! It happens! Trust me :joy::joy::joy:

UPDATE - We literally ripped each others clothes off the first time we got back together! We have had the most amazing dirty sex over the last few days using toys and lots of LH lingerie.
I won’t be posting over the weekend…we’ll be a bit busy discovering even more ways to fuck each other!

P.S There was definitely no problem with his energy levels :fire:


I just love your energy levels and stamina. Go for it girl. Update on Tuesday? @maz1965

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I still send hubs either erotic or explicit photos or sextet when he is out, although I send him a coded message first which has been agreed, this is in case he opens it when his mates could see!