Sexual Compatibility Questionnaire

I devised this questionnaire a while ago as a way of diversifying the sex between my partner and I. Both of us have desires and fantasies that we want to explore but in the 'no sex please, we're British' way of our world, we have never quite got past our inhibitions and talked openly.

The questionnaire is designed to allow anonymity if required, and reveals areas of shared sexual compatibly to ease discussion and experimentation.

It is still a work in progress but I thought I'd share it with the good folk of these forums to see what you all think.

The questionnaire is an excel file - you can download it from: (this links through to simple download page i've set up).

I'd love to get any feedback on it - if you fancy taking the time to complete the survey, it would be great to know how you get on.

it wont let me it keeps saying its password encripted! help please i really want to take the survey im relli interested

Thanks for trying and more importantly thanks for letting me know there's problem.

I am assuming that you have downloaded the file OK and the password issue is when you try run/use the file. Give me 5 mins and I'll upload a version without the password. They were only put on to prevent accidental alterations of some elements that may effect the working. I'm by no means an excel expert, but hopefully the new one will work.

I'm also no web expert so of you are having a problem downloading it, let me know and i'll try work out something else.

no offence, but i'd be really careful about downloading anything like that from a website. doesnt seem worth the risk, if its authentic it could just as easily be posted online

I appeciate your wariness James.

If you'd care to tell me how, i'll post it online as well. I can only offer my assurance that this is genuine - not much to go on I know but it's all i've got. Take a look at my profile and other postings on this forum and I hope they will demostrate that I am trying to be a 'good' member of these forums.

That said, I have changed the downloadable file now so that it is hopefully password free.

OK, I think i've worked out that the file can also be directly downloaded from the server by using the URL:

Hope this helps?!?

ive managed to open it but still isnt right there are alot of errors can u recomend a programme to open it in ive used microsoft spreadsheet as that seems to be the only one it will open in for me but then i cant click on any of the blue ones for description? etc.
ill keep trying though.

It was created using Microsoft Excel on a Mac. I have also successfully tested it on a PC running XP version of Excel. If you a using an earlier version of Excel that may be the cause of the problems.

Also, if you are using a small monitor it may explain why the pop up descriptions aren't showing - they may be appearing off screen to the right - try scrolling the page if this is the case?