Sexual Health

Has anyone ever actually had sexual "problems" or problems with your respective equipment?

I'll be taking a friend to a GUM clinic soon as he is having trouble with his testes and needs to get it checked out. He's doing this after having trouble for a week or so.

I myself have had numerous problems, operations even at one point, and currently suffer away. But I was incredibly nervous of going to the doctors, put it off for months even though I was very swollen, and in pain.
Eventually after being misdiagnosed twice they twigged what was wrong, and they told me their wasn't much they could do unless I turned out to be infertile.

So has anyone else had a run in with the doctor?
Are women just as shy of the doctor as men?
Or is it just me?


Massive response, good to see we're not all here just to talk about tits and ass. [joke]

So I took my friend to the local GUM clinic for a check up. He had the full works done in little over an hour, blood taken and everything.
All results came back negative within an hour, apart from blood which takes a month. He felt better about himself, but also felt like a pillock as nothing was wrong. Which is one of the reasons I often don't want to go to the doctors.

I mean, what exactly is "normal" for your respective reproductive parts?
They've only just decided the G spot exists and say some women don't even have one.

Hehe this 'discussion' reminds me of a program I saw on bbc3 (i think) and it was about a guy trying to get men talking about their equipment because they usually don't, not the same way women do, if women have a problem they find it easier to discuss it with friends etc but guys don't know what 'normal' is.
It was a good prog. wish I could remember what it was called, something with penis in the title!
When he started nobody would talk to him about their dicks but by the end he had a kind of gallery event and the guys turning up to see it ended up taking pictures to add to the wall of cocks! (haha my kind of wall)

Haha we could make a wall out of defunct vibrators and old dildos that have fallen out of our favour? Perhaps that something lovehoney could construct, one step further than the rabbit amnesty.
When I went for my last smear test the doctor said I was very tense, to which I replied "should have had a glass of wine then!"
That stuff doesn't really bother me though, a necessary evil.

My testicles decided to ruin the mood by swelling up and making me feel physically sick last night. Way to go body. Wooo.

Ouch poor you.

I'm awful when it comes to the doctors. Proper yorkshire lass- I'd have the 'meh it'll be fine' reaction even if I'd cut off both arms in a freak hacksaw incident.

The idea of smear tests make me feel uncomfortable. I'll have to have them (ovarian cancer runs in the family) but to be honest, if they just ripped the whole lot out I would not be bothered.

Did get a breast lump checked out pretty dang sharpish though. Luckily turned out to be something called a breast mouse (harmless swelling of the milk ducts) but as I was only about 14 at the time it proper worried me. Chances of cancer at that age are next to none I know, but still...