Sexy Blogs

I'm just in the process of starting my own naughty blog up, but was wondering if any of you know of any out there that you can recommend for me to read?


Girl with a One Track Mind was a famous one - the writer was "outed" last year...
She's not as rude as rude as she used to be, but if you go back through the archives you can see lots of horny posts...
Plus she links to a lot of other sex blogs so there's plenty of inspiration!

Thanks Richard - I will check out and have a dig in her archives :D

My favourites:

I read a lot of blogs, lol :) Most of these have some kind of kink or slant - a few are into BDSM or polyamory. They're not all just erotic writing, most blog about their lives as well. Hope you find something you enjoy!

Ohh thanks Shellyboo and Ruthless too - I shall be spending my week online scouring the blogs lol. Is there any such thing as too much reading? Nahh, I don't think so anyway ;)

Imelda's is pretty amazing, I have to say. nearly 2 years worth of insight, humour and a smidgen of filth.

Aw thanks Mr Dandy but surely there's more filth?! I have a link of excellent blogs I enjoy on my homepage

imeldaimelda wrote:

Aw thanks Mr Dandy but surely there's more filth?! I have a link of excellent blogs I enjoy on my homepage

Yes there is Imelda, but I dont want everyone rushing to your site and bringing it down with all the 'hits'!

Those redtube videos of you are really bad ( in a good way), especially your condom placement skills. How could anyone resist you, I dont know,lol

Aw thanks dandy. Can you tell the guy I like that? Don't think he's interested pah

Not interested, does he stick two pencils up his nose and a pair of Y fronts on his head, as that is what a MADMAN does!

ha ha thanks!

Violet Blue is already on the blog roll so I guess there's no need to shout her out but she is the bees knees. So informed with a real purpose to her writing. ShelleyBoo's already suggested one of my regular visits, theovereducatednympo as well. I second that lady. She's slowed up recently but great archives. Best-blow-job-advice-ever. Ditto, threesomes and buddy rules.

For a great male writer I suggest the OA's very own Jake of Facts and Friction. His attention to erotic detail is brilliant and he knows how to string a sentence together. I was really suprised by this one.

One Track Mind fans often have Belle de Jour on their reading lists as well.

I haven't yet read this guy but he also has many a fan:

I find it hard to find good quality, male, sex writers. (Sexism? I know, I know, sue me) Although there's a plethora of female written rubbish out there too. So good luck!