My wife wants me to get some costumes for sexy roll play she would like me to get the U.S navy officers uniform and firemens outfit got any other suggestions?

anyone know where to get some from as LH doesnt do these costumes for men that we can find

Well , fireman is top of my list but what about police or army?

How about second-hand shops? You can find almost anything there!

We recorded magic mike last night have to have a look at that i think and my wife not to fussy on the british poilce uniforms maybe the U.S police uniforms

Yes there does seem to be a shortage of costumes for men. Maybe a fancy dress shop?
You could put together a sort of army outfit yourself, you can buy camo trousers and t - shirts in lots of shops .

Just been in touch with LH they dont stock these things so will have to look around see what we can find maybe EBAY can have these

Ebay stock all sorts of costumes in a variety of sizes.

Ebay is theplace to go.

Spartan 300-style with airbrushed/sharpie lines for abs, just turn the lights down low (you can totally get away with it)

I've also been looking for a fireman costume, but all the ones I can find just lock like cheap well...costumes. I'd love to get my boyfriend a real firemans uniform...

I also wanted to get him a sexy Santa outfit but I don't think I'll find anything before Christmas!