Sexy Coupons (Home Made) ideas?

Hi all hope everyone is well,

The last few weeks i have been scouting around the web looking for some fun coupons for my lovely wife for Christmas something fun and a little sexy. However all the love/sex coupons i have found really didn’t do it for me and found most a little seedy.

So i have taken it upon myself to design some personalized coupons to surprise her for Christmas something a bit fun and sexy, so here are my current ideas. I would love some feedback on the design and coupon options, if you have any to add that would be fun please post additional ideas are very welcome

List so far

"Apology Coupon" - Grants one free Apology from you

Sensual massage followed by a tongue lashing to completion

A romantic meal cooked by me NAKED and at your service

A night off in front of the TV 100% me and you time

STFU and get naked

A movie date to any movie of your choice

A quickie

An intimate fantasy

A naked massage

Breakfast in bed

Personal servant for one day

Bath Fit for a Queen (a long bath while you set the music, bring them wine and snack like grapes or cheese)

Do-Over! (redeem 1 previously used coupon)

The Answer is YES (whatever they want, they get)

Almost Famous (watch an adult film and act out the scenes)

Play photographer and model. (position me and take a snap)

Try something NEW – whether it be a public place, bondage,

One blank coupon (Her choice)

Also here is my coupon design i am hopefully going to get them printed out tommrow if i find the time to finish them all off

Design (Unable to post directly)

hopefully the link is working ?

That's a fab idea love it

I maybe really thick but what does STFU stand for ( and get naked)

KinkyFuckery wrote:

I maybe really thick but what does STFU stand for ( and get naked)

Shut The Fuck Up.

(that's what it stands for, I actually like your posts!)

Nicelist b-master, sounds like a great kinky gift. Did you get everything printed? Any late additions?

Aaw Thank you ! I was like WTF I couldn't work it out !

Its looks an ace list she is gonna love it x

Yes your list can go on forever it can start of nice then get a little naughty and lot more naughty.

I did the Vouchers last xmas worked very well.

Hi all i got the list printed out yesterday, i went in to a print shop as i wanted them printed on quality card. Hours designing and deciding what i wanted on the cards would seem pointless to print them on normal paper.

The woman that served me in the print shop did give me a cheeky smile and said "Very interesting present" to which i smirked and paid. the print quality is perfect (they even perfarated the tear away stub) i made some slight revisions to the design (link above) and content but nothing much.

Hopefully she will like them :)

If anyone is proficient with Photoshop, i am more than happy to email you my design and you can create your own Sexy coupons for your partner just get in contact and i will email them over to you. but you will need some Photoshop skills and of course Photoshop :)

BM x