Sexy ideas for a sexy video

Ok guys, so yesterday I was telling the hubby that I would find it really sexy if he got the video camera out and filmed himself using the supersex stroker. Mainly so I would have something sexy to watch while he was working at night.
He didn't seem overly keen so I said that I would do it for him, well he liked that idea so now I'm stuck. I love the "idea" but putting it into practice is another matter all together, lol.
I'm thinking that I should put on a sexy outfit, light some candles (more flattering haha) and use both my hands and a toy but is that enough do you think? Should I maybe say something sexy and if yes, what? Do I just do it or try and make a little story (god i'd feel silly), maybe add some background music?
I know it probably sounds like I know what I'm doing what with the outfit talk and the fact that I'm willing to do it at all but I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on what would make this really really sexy, I want to really turn him on so when he's watching he just feels like he might explode, lol.
Im not an overly confidant person and i always feel silly in outfits etc so Any ideas for how to make this look amazing and not silly would be gratefully received......

I suppose what im really after apart from ideas to make it good is confidence boosting tips from the ladies and what you did if you ever did this for a guy. How you made it sexy and not silly etc and what would you guys like to watch if it was being made for you?

I would put on your favourite underwear or nightie and try and forget the camera is there. Obviously don't start discussing what he wants for dinner or whatever but don't just put it on for the camera because if you don't have the confidence it will come across as fake. Just try and relax and enjoy it as much as possible.

Thank you, I'm really hoping I can forget about the camera! I am worried about it seeming fake because I normally am quiet when I'm on my own so if I let go I think I will feel on edge if you know what I mean. I make noise with hubby though so maybe it won't seem fake to him? "don't ask what he wants for dinner" lmao! X

your ideas sound sexy enough and just watching you please yourself should be enough of a turn on for him. I love it when Mrs B plays on video for me and anything she does turns me on, obviously if she's got the stockings and suspenders on it's great but just to sit and watch her enjoy herself really gets me off. Hope my rambling on helps. xx

Yes thank you BD66, I'm quite excited about it but the thing is I have never done that in front of him before unless he has his hand on me aswell. I just feel a little shy having him watch me, I really don't know why. I hope the video looks good because I really want to start being more open about touching myself in front of him because I know he likes it. :) x