My fella has got a rare saturday off, and like tradition, is at a football match!! However.... when he gets home later, im planning dinner.... and for dessert I want a very naughty evening.... My brain isnyt functioning people, I would like to welcome all of your suggestions!!! I'll try anything once, so filthy & kinky is gooodddd!!!!!

how about when he walks in your dressed up in something really kinky upstairs and he "catches" you having some extremely hot solo fun whilst watching porn. The crucial part is to make him believe you hadnt heard him come in so he will think its a regular activity and will blow his mind about the slut of a girlfirend he has

Have regular sex with him, anything you want.

But tape MOTD for him at the same time. Instant orgasm.

Hey Minx- how did it go????

thanx for the ideas guys!! we had a filthy evening!!!

i recorded MOTD on sky+, thanx for the reminder GrayMatter!! haha!

It's always a winner. Great sex, and then the football highlights afterwards.


ahh yes, i dont think it gets any better, good sex followed by football.. i adore football!
As for details.... it was dinner.. then desert ;-)
there was even enough for seconds..