sexy texts and picture messages

interested in peoples examples/ descritions (no pics of course) of text and picture message exchanges between couples that created a sexual anticipation ? Is a gentle start the way to go ?

Not something I have much exp with (sending) but if you are going to I guess gentle is deffo the way to go. Cant just go round sending full on dickpics to an unsuspecting peep.

Try and find out who they are with first might be a good idea, but remember, nothing is ever truly deleted in this day and age. gl

Teasing texts are probably the way to go, to build anticipation. A hint as to what might happen later.

I have sent a picture of just my hand and described what it is going to do.

Hubby and I do this fairly frequently and he’s just about getting the hang of it now 🤣🙄

We start off slow, usually me instigating things. I’ll say how much I miss him/feeling his hands on me when we cuddle etc then later on I’ll send another slightly naughtier version. Where I’d like to feel his hands, where I’d like to touch/kiss/suck etc. Then I’ll send a photo of me in some LH underwear, very small snapshot. Build it up and makes things last longer. The slow build up really helps us get things going. Hope this helps!

I work away a lot and will send pics of my manhood and more to the OH. I ask for pics or more in return but don't get anything. I think the fear is the possible leaked photo's but we use whatsapp so incrypted.

I would agree to start with text first before moving onto pictures. Saying what you are thinking about/ remembering/ looking forward to, the possibilities are endless! Pictures are great but again start chaste and work up to more revealing if you feel comfortable with it.

Intrigued couple- good point about WhatsApp! My hubby refuses to use it 🙄 we use couple which only links to each other and therefore you can’t accidentally send it to someone you didn’t mean to. We quite like the app.