Sharing my girlfriend

Hi all, new here. Me and my gf think about threesome and her having sex with other guys, we use dildos and penis extensions and talk about her being with other guys while we have sex. We often think about doing it for real, how's best to get into it? Any people here do similar?

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It sounds like neither of you have done this before. The most important thing is communication between the two of you. Why do you want to try it, what would each of you get out of this experience, and how do you think you'll feel afterwards? To my experience, the most difficult bit is that the cuck can really feel sad, useless, not desired/ appreciated enough etc.

Practically, finding guys is easy. You can use tinder, facebook, fetlife etc.

I'm polyamorous, currently in 2 relationships and have some play partners as well. My boyfriends know I might have sex with others, while they don't. One of them is happy for me when I'm happy, but isn't interested in any dirty details.

My other boyfriend is a cuckold (basically what you described). I arrange to meet other guys and afterwards describe to him what we did and how the other guy was bigger, better, sexier etc. Sometimes he'll help me get ready before a date, and ''clean me up'' after I've had sex with someone else. This is something we discussed in depth before I started seeing other guys. I also make sure to be very tender and affectionate towards him after each session.

It definitely turns me on without saying but the after effect relationship may takes a beating. I'm in my fifties and perhaps I'm old fashioned.

Hi and welcome nothing to add but agree with the posts above

While we've never done this it isn't something we've discussed and agreed it's not for us. Sure the sex might be fun but we agreed it isn't worth the risk as we don't know how it'll affect our relationship. Something to bear in mind.

Communication is key, you have to talk with each other, a proper heart to heart not just a fantasy pillow talk type discussion to 100% ensure its something you both really want to do.

Start with going to some bar/nightclub separatly but together - appear as singles. Check when shes dancing with another guy if it upsets her boyfriend, if not then progress to allowing the other guy feel her body and/or kissing, and then see how it goes from there and if boyfriend is still fine with it then have her and the other guy have sex. You might want to have previously discussed any limits like is kissing allowed, is anal sex allowed with the other guy, vaginal sex with or without condoms.

I'm a married woman, 38, in an open marriage but we're not swingers. We thought about swinging and went to a swingers club about 10 years ago, we just realised its not really for us as often one of us might not be attracted to the OH of the other couple. Then we agreed we'd just have an open marriage to allow us to seperately have fun with other people on a discretional basis so as to not let family/friends know we're non-monogamous.

We've done quite a few mfm and fmf threesomes in the past, I've done a gangbang. We're really open minded and don't get jealous at all anymore we're still very happily married. We just try to keep it quiet as a lot of people can be very judgemental about couples who like to share.

As above. It may be fun but you MUST weight up the risk it may pose to your relationship. We have thought about it and discussed it a few times but for the time being neither of us want to take the risk and we both arent 150% comfortable so its a non starter at the minute. If you go for it then we hope it goes well. We'll stick to the fantasy and a dildo as the other.


Totally agree. I am the third in a threesome and many would not understand our chosen lifestyle. It started very casually as a bit of fun & some different sexual options. We've had our ups and downs but now we are in a strong place both sexually and in our non-sexual side of our relationship. As far as starting a threesome I agree with many others have said communication is key as it can put a huge strain on the primary relationship. Some choose to involve a friend while others look for someone away from home. Whatever you choose to do keep talking, discuss boundaries and most importantly have safe fun xx

I'm up for it!

Try a swinging club, you can go as far as you want then and if it's not for you then you can just leave without having to invite someone into your own home. Start slow, just allow some touching and see how you feel, if you dont like it you can stop, if it is working take the next step etc etc.

Thanks for all your replies and advice. We still talk about her having sex and fantasies with other men but she's not quite ready to advance it from a fantasy. Swingers club sounds a good idea, so does the nightclub or bar idea. We have been having sex with the big penis extension on while talking about her fucking guys she knows I find it a real turn on. Do any of you other guys do this? Is it unusual for me to want her to be with other men?

Keep on talking, before and after especially. Go at her pace and don't put her under pressure.

We suggest when you're both ready, go to a swinger club, it's better than inviting a stranger or strangers home. That isn't how either of us had our first group-sex many years ago, but clubs weren't around then.

BUT you never know how your're going to feel watching your OH having sex with someone else until it happens. Some people - like us - are fine, at other end of the scale some are insanely jealous. If so, don't do it again!

Thanks for reply, how does the male half of your couple feel when watching another man have sex with the female half?

I’ve always thought about doing a threesome but never been with anyone that was up for it.

The advice here is far more experienced than I. My only word of warning would be to go very careful. There's no going back once it has happened.