Shaved my balls...

After being trimmed down there for a while now, usually done by the wife I deceide to shave my shaft and balls the other night... my god it feels good.

I just need to get into the habit of keeping it maintained.

Guys how often do you shave, daily? Every other day? I'm also considering getting waxed!

Anyone got any experience of that? I'd expect it to hurt a bit buthey, no pain, no gain right.

can't answer your specific questions seeing as i don't have the right bits

but with waxing if you take some ibuprophen about an hour before being waxed it will help cut down on the pain.

hey bigbikeguy love the look and feel of a shaved man congrats but as for waxing if you want to give it a try go ahead but Im warning you that no pain no gain crap will haunt you every second that wax strip is ripping the hairs out lol

You might need to shave daily for a week or so, but once things settle down once every 2 or 3 days is usually enough for me.

I've tried this in the past, mostly out of curiosity, so I thought I'd share my experience.

Firstly a warning, after shaving i did experience one of the know side effects, in this case an ingrown hair; apparently this area is particularly prone to this problem as well as infections from small abrasions, therefore as long as your sure it won't clog the pores and trap hairs I would recommend using some kind of antiseptic cream afterwards.

This leads to the second warning. After the event I too wondered about waxing, although in my case I'd want to travel somewhere, unfortunately in does however seem that the given medical opinion is that it is not very healthy for men to wax their genitailia.

The service does exist but!!!, it is very important you confirm that the service provides hygienic waxing designed for men. Male body hair is different to women's, which is why a women's service that's willing to take you is not a good idea and why waxing any part of the body is more painful for men.

With that doom and gloom out of the way I'll risk changing the subject to trimming, as that has less risk of tearing (ugh). I've found that a disposable Wilkinsons razor with a battery trimmers in the end was a good way to experiment with this and the body model should work even better; this was cheap on offer and fairly quick, although I cut the hair down first.

I also considered trying sugaring, which is supposed to be less painful and damaging to the skin, although this is not offered professionally.

I hope I haven't discouraged you and that my experience is of some help, like a nerd I tend to end up researching whatever I do so my posts are always long.

I've been shaving my cock and balls for 3 years now love the feeling of being smooth. I shave once or twice a week with a mach3 razor.

Arcpath wrote:

I also considered trying sugaring, which is supposed to be less painful and damaging to the skin, although this is not offered professionally.

Sugaring will not work on coarse pubic hair.

Waxing is perfectly safe but, and I stress this, you MUST find someone qualified in male waxing. I am a trained beautician and have heard some horror stories.. I won't scare you with them though!

Ingrowing hairs can be combated with a soft exfoliation every day and a good moisturiser, possibly something antiseptic for a day or two after. Avoid tight underwear as this is a pretty sure fire way to get ingrowing hairs, male or female!

Be under no illusions about waxing. It will probably be the worst pain of your life!! But it will ease after time :)

i shave mine usually twice a week balls shaft and round to me A hole :) as it helps reduce sweating although it is abit awkward at first,once its all done i like to cover the shaved areas in palmers cocoa butter hope this helps

My boyfriend has shaved once and didn't like it because of the itching when growing back... he just trims now :). Well, he is suppose to but he hardly ever gets round to it. I hate pubes!

I shave as and when required in the shower. One or twice a week.

i never waxed. i shave balls n shaft when i think needed and general crotch manscape with clippers when again starts to grow a little

Thanks for all the tips and feedback, just keeping up the maintenance every couple of days...

There is a local specialist waxing service that do male waxing, may still give it a go..

I shave - once every three days. Moisturise your shilling purse afterwards though, it really helps!

i have a long soak in the bath before shaving, it is a kind of fore fore play

Veet is for winners! But don't leave it on for too long as it starts to sting!

shave every two to three days as it starts to itch after any longer nothing quite like being smooth :)

hubby shave every 2 days no itching at all but has been clean shaven cock and balls for over 10 yrs so use to it,,do love a shaven cock and balls

thats always good to know;0)

I just shave above and round the edges and try and keep the balls and baggy bits trimmed, about once a week if i can. Would like to find some cream, but i've not found one i'd dare use down there yet.

I shave my balls and to the base of my penis leaving just a little patch above and to the side. I find if I shave that I get a nasty rash and it hurts lke hell for days. Will never go totally shave ever again. I keep the hair I have trimmed to a number 2 on clippers so it's very neat. My wife loves it like this. Says it's more inviting.