Shaving the sack

Hi All,

Just one for the guys out there, how do you shave your balls?

I have used razors, electric shavers, scissors and i still always catch myself and make myself bleed…

What do you use to shave your knackers? Any tips on avoiding a cut scrotum?



I’ve always shaved and use old style razor :razor: with replaceable blades and shaving cream.

Always smooth , never any rash etc and never cut myself. :+1:

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Very carefully with a 5 blade razor and non-foaming shaving gel.


Ditto. The non foaming gel allows you to see what you’re doing, and eliminates razor burn.
Lying down in a warm bath helps you manipulate the area easily.


Body wash and a Gillette mach3, have done for years now, never any problems or itching and no rashes

Gillette 3D and shower gel never had a issue and moisturise after!

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So I bought a body hair trimmer and this is a recipe for disaster because it normally cuts which is not ideal.
With the long hair removed, I tend to use a traditional razor which does the job nicely and hasn’t cut me once, just awkward manipulating it to get to the last few hairs :rofl:

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@Rampant_husband I feel your pain trying to get them ones you can’t see you think it’s all done and you get out the shower dry your self and then feel hair! It’s like how did I miss them i shaved that did for 3 mins lol :joy:


Hello welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve always just used a good quality 5 blade razor and a nice mild shaving cream. I generally go about it in the shower so everything is nice and warm. Pull the sack nice and tight and away we go. Tried the trimmer method once… never again.

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I shaved my partners for him the first time he had ever done it. I used a gillet fusion 5 blade which is actually my go to razor as a woman. I used a gillet shaving foam as I also used that to shave. On the first go of completely shaving it all off I cut it down with scissors as it was so long and so much hair down there, then I carefully shaved it. It took me a while and his balls were red afterwards due to how many times I had to go over it.
Now my partner keeps on top of it himself. Roughly about once a week in the shower and he has never cut himself using the blades and foam of mine.

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I understand that I need to pull everything taught. Easier said than done! It honestly seems impossible on some parts of my scrotum! The thing I struggle with in particular is the front part that connects to the underside of the penis? There’s just no way I can find to feel confident doing it…

I’ll try doing it in the bath as someone said above. Any other advice for the really tricky areas?


I got all mine lasered off years ago :sunglasses:

Cheers for all the replies!

So after my night shift ill go grab a decent razor and non foaming gel. Fingers crossed!

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King of Shaves is great non foaming gel.

I’ve tried different types of gels and razors in the past. I now use the OH’s lady razors and talc. Firstly trim of the long hairs with scissors then liberally talc your bits up. I always do this whilst I’m dry and the razor must be dry too. Just keep blowing the razor so it doesn’t clog up with hair & talc.

Multi-blade razer in the shower, keep rinsing the hairs off the blades regularly. Very rarely nicked myself, generally works a treat.